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The Super73-Z1 Class 2 throttle ebike.Jeff Allen

Super73 launched with a 2016 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the brand’s first bike, the OG, reminiscent of a 1970s gas-powered minibike. That campaign secured more than $400,000 in funding—16 times the original $25,000 goal. Based in Southern California, Super73 now offers seven models of rear-hub-drive ebikes, including the recently announced R-Series, its first full-suspension ebikes. All the models exude 1970s minibike nostalgia, and the company boasts a deep and dedicated community of riders sharing their from-the-saddle adventures and customized bikes on social media. Super73 sells direct to consumers on its website as well as through an international network of dealers. Cycle Volta was proud to work with the brand this past winter on a wild Super73-Z1 chopper customization project overseen by Motorcycle Cruiser editor Morgan Gales and Jake Keough from Highwayman Garage in Oceanside, California.

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