Super73-OG Ride Review

An eBike made for fun and style.

Super73-OG with rider and surfboard on road.
The Super73-OG is the original design that launched the company, Lithium Cycles, that produces the groovy eBikes. Although not fitted here, surfboard racks are available.Kalani Cummins/@kalanicphotos

Super73 has been making cool-looking retro-inspired pedal-electric hub-motor eBikes since 2016, but even though the company is only a few years old, it is making a big impression on eBike riders. This is because the bikes are built for fun with style in mind and have a very approachable vibe.

What Is A Super73-OG?

The Super73-OG notionally fits a Class 3 electric bicycle definition due to the fact that it can be set to pedal assist up to 28 mph. But you can also just ride it using the thumb throttle, making it "off-road only" in California and some other states, for example. (For more info on eBike laws in your area, click here.) A 1,000-watt hub motor (with 1,500-watt peak) is powered by a non-removable 696 WH battery. The Super73-OG styling takes the classic lawn-mower-powered minibike silhouette and upsizes it to fit adults, while also give it a rugged, big-tire stance. The simple steel frame offers a removable rear rack, a cupholder and bottle opener(!), and no suspension except for the cushioning effect of those 20-inch x 4.25-inch balloon tires, though our test unit was equipped with a smooth-riding $300 accessory suspension fork.

Super73-OG on white background.
The Super73-OG takes retro minibike style to the eBike realm. A low, 30-inch seat makes it easy for most people to ride.Jeff Allen

How Does The Super73-OG Ride?

There is a lot of power on tap with the 1,000-watt hub motor. Super73 will point out that the hub-motor's 1,000-watt rating is what's known as nominal, which means that is the continuous power it can deliver. It is also capable of delivering 1,500 watts peak, so it is quite quick. Using the LCD control screen, pedal assist level can be set to Eco, Mid, or High modes. Eco provides the lowest power and longest range. Mid delivers about 50-percent output (so roughly 500 watts) from the hub-motor while pedaling, and High gives full motor power while pedaling. The thumb throttle is always ready to go, and if you apply it while pedal assist is helping you, the throttle overrides pedaling. This throttle feature keeps the OG from being a Class 3 bicycle.

Its top speed of 28 mph comes up quickly, even with a large rider aboard and the bike’s 80-pound weight. The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes work well and are set up like those on a motorcycle, with the front brake activated by the rider’s right hand. The left lever, of course, works the rear brake. Although the seat is quite low at 30 inches, even taller riders could be comfortable thanks to the long seat that allows room to slide fore and aft. Also, the handlebar can be adjusted forward or backward to suit your reach, though moving the bar too far forward gave the steering a “tippy” feel.

Super73-OG cupholder and bottle opener.
A cupholder and bottle opener are part of the Super73-OG design.Jeff Allen

The underseat 696 WH battery locks in place using provided keys and is removable, so it can be carried, for example, it into your house or office to recharge using the 5-amp-hour charger that typically tops the battery off in three to four hours.

Super73-OG removable underseat battery.
The removable underseat battery locks in place with a key.Jeff Allen

Even with all the power on tap and running on the thumb throttle, adding some pedaling force can get you moving from a stop a little faster. But of any of the Super73 models, this is the one you might end up pedaling the least since it has the 1,000-watt motor versus the 500-watt units on the mid-price S1 and lowest-priced Z1.

Super73-OG with hydraulic disc brakes.
Hydraulic disc brakes slow the Super73-OG.Jeff Allen

Range is claimed to be 25–30 miles at full throttle, though it is easy to drive this down in full power mode with a lot of starts and stops. A headlight and taillight/brake light are standard. Of all the available accessories, we’d add the surfboard rack.

Super73-OG 1,000-watt rear hub motor.
A 1,000-watt rear hub motor propels the Super73-OG using pedal assist or a thumb throttle. Top speed limit is 28 mph.Jeff Allen

How Much Does The Super73-OG Cost?

Of the three bikes in Super73 line, the $3,200 Super73-OG shown here (add $300 for the hydraulic suspension fork on our bike) is the most expensive, versus the Super73-S1 that costs $2,200 and the Super73-Z1 that costs $1,400. Well, the OG Metallic is actually the most expensive thanks to the variety of sparking metal plating you can get on the frame, which bumps starting price to $4,500.

Super73-OG S1 and Z1 loading into van.
The Super73-OG weighs about 80 pounds, making it a two-person lift for most folks to load in a van or truck. The S1 (black) and Z1 (white) are a bit lighter.Kalani Cummins/@kalanicphotos

The Super73-OG packs a lot of power and looks cool in its red-powerdcoat finish. Its 28-mph top speed means you can cover a lot of ground, but your local laws may not classify it a Class 3 eBike since it has a throttle. It also gets into price territory filled with interesting options from cargo bikes to pretty capable commuters. Still, all the Super73 bikes, including the OG, have a really fun, approachable vibe that has connected with consumers and some pretty high-profile riders like filmmaker Casey Neistat, who made a video about the S1. The Super73s are super charming and super fun.

Super73-OG on white background.
The Super73-OG is the highest-performing and most expensive ebike in the company’s lineup thanks in part to its 1,000-watt hub motor.Jeff Allen