Super73-S1 Ride Review

Rough and ready to rock.

Super73-S1 riding in park.
Rugged and comfortable, the Super73-S1 is the middle of the range from the Southern California company.Kalani Cummins/@kalanicphotos

Super73 has taken the eBike market by storm after a 2016 Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for the brand’s first bike, the OG, secured more than $400,000 in funding (16 times the original $25,000 goal). Just three years later, Super73 has three models to offer: The budget Z1, the high-end OG, and the middle-of-the-mark S1. Reminiscent of a ’70s minibike—knobby tires and all—the S1 makes us hoot and holler without all the noise and clatter of the old gas-powered days.

What Is A Super73-S1?

The Super73-S1 is an electric bicycle with pedals and a throttle, putting it in the Class 2 category of eBikes. A 500-watt rear-hub motor is powered by a removable 696 WH battery that is perched atop the frame in front of the rider, looking like a fuel tank. The styling is rugged with a well-padded seat, chunky tires, and large headlight.

Super73-S1 on white background.
The Super73-S1 is available with a black or white frame.Jeff Allen

What Is It Like To Ride The Super73-S1?

Powering up the Super73-S1 is fairly simple and straightforward: Flip the switch on the battery “tank” and then apply a long hold to the power button on the display located on the right handlebar. Once the display illuminates, pick one of the three power modes (Eco, Mid, and High) and press the thumb throttle, start pedaling, or both. All three actions are met with a surge forward as the 48-volt 500-watt motor gets you up to the 20-mph top speed in short order when in the most aggressive mode.

Super73-S1with 48-volt 500-watt hub motor.
A 48-volt 500-watt hub motor pushes the Super73-S1 along at a 20-mph top speed.Jeff Allen

Eco mode performs just like you would expect, putting range and battery life ahead of performance. The Mid-mode setting supplies 50-percent power to the rear wheel, which is the best all-round option for most daily usage. Click it in High mode for full power when you want to get somewhere as quickly as possible or just need a hit of speed. The acceleration in High was enough to elicit whoops and shouts from the staff when we took the S1 for a spin. We were also impressed with the quick handling when we blasted through a makeshift parking-lot racecourse.

Super73-S1 riding beside water on parking lot.
Eco power mode will get you the most range out of the Super73-S1’s battery.Kalani Cummins/@kalanicphotos

Battery life and range is dependant on the rider’s weight, power mode, and how much pedal power is added into the ride. Claimed range is 30 to 40 miles, but after a spirited 15-mile ride in full power, only one of the four battery bars remained.

Super73-S1 with 696 WH battery.
Claimed range is 30 to 40 miles from the 696 WH battery, and our test showed that with full power that number is much less.Jeff Allen

Slowing the S1 is a breeze thanks to hydraulic Tektro disc brakes front and rear. Braking power is strong—strong enough to skid the chunky off-road-style tires, so take care when grabbing a handful of either lever. The brakes are set up moto style with the right lever actuating the front brake and the left the rear brake, the opposite of most conventional bicycles and mainstream eBikes.

Super73-S1 with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.
Tektro hydraulic disc brakes have plenty of stopping power on the S1.Jeff Allen

How Much Does The Super73-S1 Cost?

A Super73-S1 costs $2,200 (plus shipping) on the Super73 website for either the black or white colorways. Our test unit came with a $75 Premium Extended Seat to bump the price as tested to $2,275.

Super73-S1 on white background.
Our Super73-S1 test unit was equipped with the Premium Extended Seat.Jeff Allen

Super 73’s S1 is a blast to ride, plain and simple. It’s a rugged little eBike that provides the ability to cruise the local bike path, play around in a dirt lot, or shoot through the city in comfort and unique style.

Super73-S1 riding on pavement.
Super73 is all about simple fun, and it has succeeded in that regard with the S1.Kalani Cummins/@kalanicphotos