Super73 R-Series Ebikes Get Suspension, More Powerful Motor

High-capacity battery extends the ride.

Super73RX Gray HERO
The R-Series models are Super73’s first full-suspension ebikes.Super73

Known for its 1970s-inspired rigid electric minibikes, Super73 is stepping up its game with its new R-Series ebikes featuring full suspension, the Southern California brand’s most powerful motor yet, and a higher-capacity battery for extended range.

While previous Super73 ebikes like the OG, S1, and Z1 are built around steel frames—in part for a more compliant ride since they have no front or rear suspension—the addition of coil rear shocks and inverted suspension forks on the two R-Series bikes allowed Super73 to develop a new aluminum frame that delivers greater rigidity for the suspension platform and better resists corrosion and rust.

The R-Series ebikes have three ride modes: Class 1 pedal assist only up to 20 mph; Class 2 thumb throttle assist to 20 mph; Class 3 pedal assist to 28 mph; and an “Unlimited” mode beyond 28 mph. For the first three modes, the hub motor has 750 watts of power peaking at 1,200 watts, while the Unlimited mode unlocks 1,200 watts of nominal power peaking at a whopping 2,000 watts. Super73 emphasizes that the Unlimited mode is intended only for riding off public roads and on private property.

More ride modes can be added to the system via over-the-air updates to address different regulated assist limits from country to country. “What this means is that the R-Series bikes are built to be truly global vehicles,” Super73 co-founder and CEO LeGrand Crewse said at the R-Series launch event Saturday in Los Angeles.

The drive system is powered by a new 960Wh battery using 21700 cells found in the batteries of current electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3. Super73 says the high-capacity battery delivers a range of 40 miles using the throttle only and 75 miles or more using pedal assist in Eco mode, the lowest of the R-Series’ four pedal-assist levels.

Super73RX Green RearSusp 510
The RX is equipped with a piggyback coil shock with adjustable preload, compression, and rebound damping.Super73

The base-model Super73 R is equipped with a 120-millimeter-travel inverted coil-spring fork with 35-millimeter stanchions and a rear coil-over monoshock with adjustable preload and rebound damping. The higher-spec Super73 RX gets air assist and adjustable preload and rebound damping added to the fork and a piggyback coil shock with adjustable preload, compression, and rebound damping. The R comes with two-piston Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with standard rotors, while the RX gets upgraded to four-piston Tektro hydraulics with beefy 2.3-millimeter-thick rotors to improve heat management and braking response.

The RX also comes stock with accessories like front and rear LED lights and a horn; those features are add-on options on the R model. Turn signals are optional on both models.

The R-Series is Super73’s first offering that can accept a geared drivetrain rather than running as a dedicated singlespeed. Both models can be outfitted with an optional 10-speed drivetrain with a 10-36T cassette and a larger 44T chainring rather than the 36T ring in singlespeed setup.

Super73 has also developed its own new 20-inch fat tires for the R-Series because the company was dissatisfied with designs currently available. “We’ve found that most of the tires on the market were very poorly constructed and were designed for very cheap unpowered bicycles. As the tires are your only connection to the road, we decided to create a tire that was worthy of being used on the new R-Series. The all-new Super73 BDGR tire is the first tire that blends motorcycle and bicycle tire construction methods,” Crewse said.

The the 4.5-inch-wide (front) and 5-inch-wide (rear) BDGR tires have a proprietary tread design for both on- and off-road use. Crewse said the tread design delivers greater traction, reduces road noise, and improves puncture resistance.

The R-Series features a new electronics suite that pairs with iOS and Android devices through a new Super73 app to update firmware and functionality. An optional IoT module is also available for anti-theft security, geolocation tracking, and crash detection.

The R-Series ebikes
The R-Series ebikes are available for preorder now.Super73

The Super73 R and RX are available for preorder through February 28 at a $500 discount. The R can be preordered for $2,495 (MSRP: $2,995) and the RX for $2,995 (MSRP: $3,495). Preorders are expected to be delivered sometime this spring.

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