3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Water Bottle

Keep hydrated, or caffeinated, with a great water bottle on your ebike.

Look for a bottle made from BPA-free materials.Amazon

While the motor on your ebike may give you a helping hand, riding around for pleasure or on the way to work is nonetheless good physical activity. That means staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids is important. Luckily, there are many ways to carry beverages on your bike—in water bottle cages, mounted on the handlebars, or in a backpack. Whether you are drinking pure water, sports mix while you are exercising, or coffee on your way to work, there is a water bottle perfectly suited for your purpose.

For Any Drink

Keep your warm beverages warm, or cold beverages cold.Amazon

If you are commuting on your ebike to work in the morning, you may want to bring your coffee with you—either to stop in a scenic spot and enjoy a warm beverage or to help out at the office. An insulated stainless steel bottle will fit either in a bottle cage or in your backpack and can keep your coffee or tea warm for hours. On a hot day, it can keep your cold drink cold even longer. Look for a stainless steel bottle with different lid options, depending on if you want to drink while you are riding or not.

Traditional Route

For something that is easy to drink from while in motion, look for a product like thisAmazon

If hydration while riding is your main concern, you should look no further than a traditional plastic water bottle that fits into the bottle cage on your bike. Made of a soft plastic, these bottles can be removed easily from the bottle cage and are easy to drink from, making it a no-brainer for use while in motion. Look for a bottle that has some insulation, as well as one that is made from BPA-free materials, to keep your water clean.

Appropriate For Weekend Riders

This product is for a more relaxed ride.Amazon

Riding around town with friends? Heading to work or the park with a freshly made smoothie or lemonade? Consider a tumbler-style water bottle with a straw. These bottles are stylish and great for cruising around town. You can even match the bottle to your ebike. Look for a bottle with a silicone grip around the glass so that it can easily fit into your water bottle cage without rattling around, and one that is BPA-free.