The Best Bike Fenders

Stay dry on your ebike with these fenders.

Man riding a bike in Europe
Don’t let the tires flick an embarrassing spray of water up your back or on your legs. Avoid that by installing a fender.Luke Insoll

If you are riding your ebike in the rain, you may worry about staying dry. While a rain jacket and gloves provide protection for your core areas, fenders are the best option for protecting your feet and lower legs. They also keep any rider behind you dry. Fenders mount onto the fork and rear of the bike, following the back line of both wheels. As the wheel spins, the fenders reflect road spray toward the ground, instead of soaking you. No matter what type of ebike you have, we’ve rounded up the best fender options.

SKS X-Tra Dry Rear Bicycle Fender For 26-Inch Wheels

SKS X-Tra Dry Rear Bicycle Fender For 26-Inch Wheels
The versatility and ease of installation make the SKS X-Tra Dry a great choice for an on-the-go commuter.SKSAE

Unlike traditional fenders, which are fixed to the bike, this fender attaches to the seatpost or the seat tube of your bike with a quick-release. This fender does an excellent job keeping your back dry by reflecting road spray from the back wheel of your bike. If you are riding a different bike in the rain, simply remove the quick-release and attach it to the other bike.

Planet Bike Cascadia ALX Bike Fenders

Planet Bike Cascadia ALX fenders
The Planet Bike Cascadia ALX fenders will help redirect any water or road grime when you decide to ride rain or shine.Planet Bike

Available in a variety of sizes, these traditional fenders are a great option if you plan on riding your ebike seriously throughout the rainy weather. Crafted from aluminum, these fenders provide a full wrap around your wheels, ensuring optimal coverage and protection from the water. Once you’ve installed the fenders, they are very sturdy and won’t budge, so when the rain does come, you will be prepared.

SKS RaceBlade Pro XL Black Fenders

SKS RaceBlade Pro XL Black Fenders
If you appreciate an easy install, then these fenders from SKS should attract your attention.SKSAE

If you ride a road bike or an ebike with road tires, these fenders are an excellent choice. These fenders have a traditional, wide coverage shape on the tire, yet mount with a clever system of mounts and thick rubber bands directly to the frame and fork. This allows you to run fenders on a bike that is not built with fenders mounts. If your road ebike has 700c wheels, these lightweight fenders provide excellent coverage and will keep you dry in style.