3 Ways to Stay More Hydrated on Your Ebike

Stay healthy on your ebike by drinking water while you ride.

Keep onboarding that H20 to prevent dehydration and cramping.Unsplash

On a hot or a cold day, riding an ebike is great exercise. In order to truly reap the benefits and to stay healthy and happy, it is important to drink water while out riding. Being properly hydrated can help you keep your energy up, and help prevent muscle soreness and fatigue. There are a couple of ways to easily carry water while on your ebike, either in water bottle cages that attach to the bicycle itself or in a backpack.

Add Water Bottle Cages

Add bottle cages to your bike to easily carry water.Amazon

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your ebike and improve your hydration while riding is to mount water bottle cages. Most ebikes have predrilled holes on the downtube and seat tube, where the cages easily screw in. You don't even have to buy a bike-specific water bottle if you don't want to—plastic bottles and even some cups can fit. Look for metal cages that can bend to hold your cup or bottle in tight.

Drink Hands-Free With a Hydration Backpack

Drink on the go with a hydration backpack.Amazon

If you want to carry more than a water bottle for a long day, or don't want to take your hands off the bars for too long to drink while riding, you may want to consider a hydration backpack. These backpacks have water reservoirs attached to easy-to-use hoses that you can drink out of while riding your bike. Look for backpacks that have adequately sized reservoirs for your needs and that are BPA-free. You can also choose a backpack that has extra pockets or a daisy chain to store jackets or snacks.

Hydrate Smartly With Electrolytes

Use electrolyte mix to restore vitamins and minerals.Amazon

If you're riding your ebike on a sunny day or for many miles, you may be working up a sweat to that point that water is not enough to stay well hydrated. By combining electrolyte mix with your water, you can hydrate more efficiently by replenishing essential vitamins and minerals. Look for a mix that has sodium, potassium, B vitamins, and more.