Ride Smoother And Faster With Chain Lube

Chain lubrication makes for a better ebike ride.

Bike chain
Well-lubricated chains assist in a smoother and more efficient bicycle riding experience. Lube your chain with any of these options. Pixabay

Very little feels better than riding your ebike with a smooth, clean drivetrain. For the easiest pedaling and greatest efficiency on your ebike, be sure to keep your drivetrain lubricated. Pedaling the cranks moves the chain around your cassette, which in turn rotates the cassette and the rear wheel. Chain lube keeps all of these parts of the drivetrain clean and lubricated for the best ride possible. A quick wipedown of your chain after most rides and an application of chain lube will help you focus on what matters: enjoying the ride on your ebike and getting to where you need to go.

Finish Line Dry Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube

Teflon Lube For Dry Conditions
In dry conditions, consider a Teflon-based lube.Amazon

If you live in an area with dry conditions where you mostly have to worry about dust and grit, a Teflon-based lube may be the best option for your ebike. While Teflon lube applies wet, it dries into a wax-like barrier that protects your chain from grime in dry conditions. This waxy protection repels moisture and increases pedaling efficiency for an easier, cleaner ride.

Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant

Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner & Lubricant
Clean and lube your chain with an all-in-one lube.Amazon

In versatile weather scenarios for the daily ebike rider, an all-in-one lube is the perfect solution. Look for a chain lube that also acts as a cleaner. In wet or dirty conditions, your chain is more likely to pick up grime that sticks to the chain and minimizes pedaling efficiency, so cleaning the chain while lubricating is very important. Most all-in-one chain lubes greatly reduce the likelihood of chain rust, so be sure to apply properly after any dirty or wet ebike rides.

Rock “N” Roll 135816 Gold Chain Lubricant, 4-Ounce

Rock “N” Roll 135816 Gold Chain Lubricant, 4-Ounce
Use the chain lube of the pros.Amazon

If you’re riding through the winter or any serious weather conditions, look for a heavy-duty all-purpose chain lube that both cleans and lubricates. Apply to the dirty links and you’ll see the lube bite through the accumulated grime and dirt and clean your chain. An all-purpose lube built for bad weather will keep your chain clean and your pedaling and shifting quick and easy.