3 Essential Tools To Keep Your Ebike Running Smoothly

Keep your bike in tip-top shape with a few simple tools.

A clean, well-lubricated drivetrain is a happy drivetrain.Unsplash

Riding your ebike every day can affect some of the mechanical systems of the bike. Dirt and grime from the road may muck up your drivetrain, parts of your cockpit may need to be moved, or you may need to make adjustments to your brakes or derailleurs. With a few proper tools and materials, these fixes will be simple. Keeping your bike clean and properly maintained will benefit you in the long run, with the bike running efficiently and minimizing the chance of a mechanical issue while out enjoying a ride. A multitool with hex wrenches and tire levers can adjust almost every part on the bike. Grease will prevent corrosion and excessive wearing of bolts and other parts, and chain lube will keep your drivetrain spinning with the greatest efficiency.

Most Useful

Adjust and tighten nearly every part on the bike.Amazon

If you are riding your ebike frequently and consistently, it is important to always have a multitool with you. Hopefully you do not have to use it while out riding, but it is better to be prepared than stuck on the side of the road. Should you get a flat tire, you can easily remove the tire with the included tire levers. Maybe you need to raise or lower your seat, which is easy with one of the included hex wrenches if your seatpost does not have a quick-release. At home, you can use your multitool to adjust your stem, handlebars, brakes, derailleurs, and more. Look for a multitool that has a mix of hex wrenches, cone wrenches, tire levers, and more.

Prevent premature wear with greased bolts and parts.Amazon

Grease is a great product to go along with your multitool. Keeping the bolts on your bike properly greased will prevent corrosion and help them hold up better in inclement weather. As you adjust the bolts on your stem and seatpost, remember to grease the threads. And make sure your headset and bottom bracket bearings are properly greased to keep them moving smoothly as well. Look for a grease developed specifically for bicycles to ensure best performance.

For A Better Ride

Keep your chain clean and lubricated for maximum efficiency.Amazon

Riding a bike with a dry or dirty drivetrain is one of the worst feelings. Grit and mud on your chain and cassette will minimize pedaling efficiency and create a feeling of drag under the pedals. This can be easily fixed with chain lube. Once you’ve applied chain lube, you’ll notice the bike is much quieter when you pedal, and that it shifts quickly and pedals easily. Clean the chain and apply chain lube anytime the bike gets dirty or after long rides. Look for a chain lube that works in all conditions.