Sondors Slashes Prices In ‘Electric For Everyone’ Campaign

Brand discounts models by up to one-third, citing “bloated” ebike industry.

Sondors Bike
Sondors launched in 2015.Sondors

Sondors has discounted its ebikes by as much as one-third as part of a new campaign called “Electric For Everyone.”

“I’ve been reimagining the future of Sondors, and the future of this industry,” Sondors founder and CEO Storm Sondors said in a press release. “When I started this company back in 2015, it was because I wanted to make an ebike that was affordable for everyone. In five years, we put 50,000 ebikes on the road. We created a market for ebikes in the US where there was none.

“Then the industry exploded, becoming distorted by a slew of overpriced competitors, and we had to raise our prices. That’s why I made the decision to bring things back to why I started this mission in the first place: to make Electric For Everyone,” he added.

Sondors MXS
The Sondors MXS is equipped with a 750W rear hub motor and 48V 17.5Ah li-ion battery with Panasonic cells. It’s now 15 percent off its previous pricing.Sondors

Sondors’ electric bikes have both pedal and throttle assist up to 20 mph, making them Class 2 ebikes. They’re equipped with 350W, 500W, or 750W rear hub motors, 36V or 48V lithium-ion batteries, and a black-and-white or color LED display. Styles offered include fat-tire folding bikes, hardtails, rigid fat bikes, and a step-through model. Bike weights range from 56.7 to 70 pounds.

Sondors Fold X
The Sondors Fold X is a folding fat ebike rolling on 20 x 4-inch tires. It’s currently 33 percent off.Sondors

The prices offered in the Electric For Everyone campaign are the lowest since the brand’s initial crowdfunding campaign in 2015, and customers can purchase an ebike with as little as $299 due up-front:

  • Sondors Original: $799 (was $1,199) ⁠
  • Sondors Thin: $799 (was $1,199) ⁠
  • Sondors Smart Step: $999 (was $1,199)⁠
  • Sondors Fold X: $999 (was $1,499⁠)
  • Sondors X: $999 (was $1,499)⁠
  • Sondors Fold XS: $1,699 (was $1,899)⁠
  • Sondors XS: $1,699 (was $1,899⁠)
  • Sondors MXS: $1,699 (was $1,999)⁠
Sondors Step Smart
The Sondors Step Smart folding step-through model is priced at $999, down from $1,199.Sondors

To say that Storm Sondors is pursuing the campaign with enthusiasm would be putting it mildly. In a provocative—and partially censored—video linked from the Sondors website, he decries the current state of electric mobility, and the ebike industry in particular: “City streets are littered (with) pay-to-play electric scooters, unattractive ebikes, overpriced ebikes, dinky ebikes. This is not Electric For Everyone.

“It’s a more bloated industry that set the priorities on making money, not making a difference,” he continues. “And yes, over the past few years even we raised prices just to keep up. We were saying things like, ‘Everyone else was doing it. Why shouldn’t we?’ It actually made sense to me—rising costs of production, marketing, shipping has gone insane. But that’s all bulls--t.

“I say f—k the margin. F—k the industry… Today, five years after starting this revolution, I’m reclaiming Electric For Everyone. … I want to bring us back to why I started this in the first place. We don’t make premium electric transportation because you can afford it; we make it because you deserve it. Today, I am reclaiming Electric For Everyone. I don’t care if I ruin the whole damn industry—this is too important.”

Sondors X fat ebike
Shod with 26 x 4.9-inch tires, the Sondors X fat ebike comes down 33 percent in price as part of the company’s Electric For Everyone campaign.Sondors

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