Flyer Ebikes Coming to US, Canada

Swiss brand to arrive this spring with select models.

The Upstreet1 is Flyer’s 20-inch-wheeled compact urban ebike.Flyer

With more than 25 years of experience in the ebike space, Swiss brand Flyer AG is readying a launch into the North American market in spring 2022 with select pedal-assist models using Bosch mid-drive systems.

Flyer is at work setting up a network of US and Canadian dealers, and exhibited at last month’s Sea Otter Classic trade and consumer expo in Monterey, California. While Flyer sells an expansive line of mountain, touring, city, and crossover electrics throughout Europe, it is initially bringing just a sampling of four models to North America this spring (US pricing not yet available):

The Uproc6 is Flyer’s enduro eMTB.Flyer
  • Uproc6: This enduro-style bike sits at the top of Flyer’s eMTB range. Its full carbon frame has a four-link suspension design with 160 millimeters of rear travel, complemented by 170 millimeters of squish out front. The mixed-wheel layout pairs a 29er front wheel with a 27.5-inch rear. Three spec levels are available—all with a Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive (85Nm max torque), 625Wh Bosch PowerTube integrated battery, and mixes of Fox and RockShox suspension components. European pricing ranges from 6,499 euros for the Uproc6 6.50 to 9,999 euros for the top-end Uproc6 9.50, outfitted with SRAM X01 Eagle AXS wireless shifting, RockShox Reverb AXS wireless dropper post, and Bosch’s premium Kiox display.
We’re likin’ the verdant hue available on the Upstreet1. (Flyer calls it Lichen Green. #dadjokes)Flyer
  • Upstreet1: A compact urban model, the Upstreet1 is designed around 20-inch wheels and sports a short wheelbase and upright riding position for navigating city streets. The hydroformed aluminum frame houses a 500Wh Bosch PowerTube integrated battery and has integrated cable routing, a rigid fork, and an SR Suntour suspension seatpost for soaking up bumps and chatter under the bum. Three spec levels are offered, with the Upstreet1 5.40 and Upstreet 1 5.41R (both 3,499 euros) getting a Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive with 50Nm of peak torque and the top-end Upstreet1 7.43 (4,199 euros) powered by a Bosch Performance Line mid-motor maxing out at 65Nm.
The Upstreet2 folding ebike in riding mode.Flyer
…and in folded mode.Flyer
  • Upstreet2: The folding offering in Flyer’s Upstreet series of urban ebikes, the Upstreet2 folds down to a package of 93 x 85 x 40 centimeters (roughly 37 x 33.5 x 16 inches) for easy storage and carrying. Like sibling ebike the Upstreet1, it rolls on 20-inch wheels and is built on a hydroformed aluminum frame with a 500Wh Bosch PowerTube integrated battery, internal routing, and suspension seatpost. Three models of the Upstreet2 are available from 4,199 to 4,699 euros, outfitted with a Bosch Active Line Plus motor or, at the top end, a Bosch Performance Line drive.
The Flyer Tandem 7.83 is outfitted with a Gates Carbon Drive belt drive and 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub internal gear rear hub.Flyer
  • Tandem: Yep, a bicycle built for two. Er, make that e-bicycle. The 27.5-inch-wheeled Flyer Tandem sports dual 625Wh Bosch PowerTube batteries to keep its Performance Line CX mid-drive juiced up for couples’ long touring days. The Tandem 7.70 (7,999 euros) gets a traditional chain-driven Shimano XT wide-range 12-speed drivetrain, while the Tandem 7.83 (9,999 euros) has a mess-free Gates Carbon Drive belt drive and 14-speed Rohloff internal-gear hub. Both tandems have internal cable routing, Magura MT5 hydraulic disc brakes with 203- and 185-millimeter front and rear rotors, premium DT Swiss wheelsets, Schwalbe tires, front and rear lights, fenders, and rear rack.

“We see a great potential for ebikes and the Flyer brand in the USA and Canada,” Flyer chief Christian Mülller said in a release. “We are convinced that plenty of people here will be wowed by our sporty mountain ebikes as well as our modern and versatile urban models. Not only is the mountain ebike sport slowly but surely becoming increasingly attractive in the USA and Canada, more and more North Americans are also discovering the ebike for everyday use and leisure time in cities—because an ebike is often faster than a car, is a lot of fun, and keeps you healthy at the same time.”

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