Your Next Side-By-Side Might Come From Best Buy

Riding into electric mobility, Best Buy sells Segway’s eMoped and Dirt eBike.

Segway’s X260 Dirt eBike certifying its dirt bike pedigree and advertised wheelie capabilities.Segway

This October will mark a new chapter for Best Buy. The company will begin carrying electric two- and four-wheeled vehicles from Bird, Segway-Ninebot, Super73, Swift, and Unagi. Providing sustainable options for urban commuters is Best Buy’s primary aim according to Frank Bedo, the company’s senior vice president. If city streets aren’t for you, don’t fret, Best Buy has still got you covered.

Unlike a traditional motorcycle, the front and rear disc brakes are hand operated and the X260 has no controls attached to the footpegs.Segway

Beyond Segway-Ninebot’s traditional standup eScooters, Best Buy will carry the off-road geared Dirt eBike series. With 19-inch wheels, a double-sided swingarm, and adjustable front and rear suspension, Segway’s Dirt eBike series blurs the line between traditional dirt bikes and mountain bikes. Best Buy will offer two trim levels of the Dirt eBike series with respective ranges and top speeds of 40.4 miles/31.1 mph and 74.6 miles/46.6 mph. Segway’s announced its entrance into the US off-road market this July and the company’s hybrid technology is a stirring move within the segment.

Right now, there are no plans to offer Segway’s new line of electric side-by-sides and ATVs, but a company spokesperson says Best Buy is open to expanding if things go well.

Best Buy’s transportation-focused lineup launched online before Labor Day with Super73 and Segway eMopeds and Dirt eBikes selling out over the holiday weekend. Come October, the electronic transportation line will only be available at one of 10 stores in the following areas: Austin, Texas; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Orlando, Florida; Puerto Rico; San Francisco; Seattle; and Tampa, Florida. “As we grow this selection, we look forward to helping customers find the right products to fit their needs and supporting them as they hit the road safely,” Bedo said in the company’s August announcement.