3 Ways To Travel With Your Ebike

Going on vacation? Bring your ebike along!

Bike cases are a great option for plane or train travel.Amazon

If you love riding your ebike around town both for transportation and to explore, then you may love using your ebike to explore while on vacation even more! Whether on a road trip or flying to a beautiful destination, bringing your ebike along is a great excuse to stretch your legs and get off the beaten path. Especially in a new place, riding your ebike is a great way to see as many new things as possible, and a great way to get around. These days, traveling with your ebike is easier than ever. If you don’t have space in your trunk, there are many great car racks. If you’re flying, choose a bike travel case or travel bag.

Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Keep a simple rack that works for nearly any car!Amazon

If you like to pack up the car and go on a moment’s notice, you can find a bike rack that easily attaches to almost any car you have. No need to plan, pack up your car, then attach the rack to your hatchback, sedan, minivan, or SUV. Simply load your ebike or ebikes and hit the road. You’ll be riding in new places in no time. Look for a rack that is compatible with a wide range of cars and has wide, easy attachment points for your ebike.

Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch

Make your bikes extra secure with a hitch rack.Amazon

If you are traveling more often or want a sturdier hold on your ebike, a hitch rack might be the best choice for you. Check to make sure your car either has a hitch mount or that one can be installed before going this route. A hitch rack attaches very securely to your car, and has the additional benefit of access to the trunk while your ebike is on the rack. Look for a hitch mount that can be removed easily, and that folds down when not in use but is still attached to the car.

Weanas Bicycle Travel Cases Travel Bag

Bring your bike on a plane or train.Amazon

If you are taking a flight or a train to a far-off destination, there is a chance you may want to bring your ebike with you. Luckily, there are simple bags that are designed with transporting ebikes in mind. You’ll need to remove the wheels, and maybe the handlebars and seatpost. Then simply add some bubble wrap and cardboard for protection and you are ready to travel. Look for a bag that has multiple straps or wheels for easy transport, and one that packs down to a small size so it is easy to stash once you reach your destination.