3 Things To Look For In A Floor Pump

Maintain ideal tire pressure on your ebike with a feature-packed floor pump.

Dial in your psi with the right floor pump.Amazon

There are many considerations to take when choosing which floor pump to buy for your ebike. The most important question to ask is, what type of ebike do you ride most? Pumps can have different maximum pressures, making them better suited for road, mountain, and fat bike tires. Are you running your tires tubeless? Even though many tire brands say their rubber can be seated using a standard floor pump, you might want to look into a pump that includes an air chamber separate from the pump barrel. That way you can pump up the chamber to a high pressure, then release the air to instantly seat tubeless treads. Here, we look at three different qualities to look for in a floor pump.

Precision Digital Gauge: Lezyne Shock Digital Drive

Dial in your pressure digitally.Amazoon

Lezyne’s Shock Digital Drive floor pump is made from CNC-machined aluminum and steel construction and features a varnished wood handle, nylon-reinforced braided hose with aluminum couplers, and a digital gauge. The pump’s hardened steel chuck includes a zero-air-loss disengagement mechanism, and the narrow pump barrel provides pressure up to 350 psi.

Tubeless-Setup Capability: Topeak JoeBlow Booster

Topeak designed the JoeBlow Booster for tubeless tires.Amazon

Topeak calls its JoeBlow Booster pump a “half air compressor, half pump.” Designed to inflate tubeless tires, the pump has an aluminum chamber that stores an air charge of 1 liter up to 160 psi. To bypass the air chamber and directly inflate tires, just flip the selector from “Charge” to “Inflate” mode. The JoeBlow Booster also has a top-mounted, easy-to-read analog gauge, an air release button, a dual-density polymer grip for hand comfort, and an extra-long hose.

Portability: Silca Pista

Silca’s Pista pump has a sleek profile.Amazon

Silca says its Pista floor pump is a top choice among professional tour mechanics due to its flat profile. It also can be easily stored in the trunk of a car or in a gear bag. In addition to the portable design, the Pista has a durable steel barrel, an ash wood pump handle, a brass check-valve assembly, analog pressure gauge, and push-on alloy Presta chuck with a bleeder valve to fine-tune tire pressure. The Pista is rated to 220 psi.