Bulls Bikes Sturmvogel EVO Street Review

Style and performance for cruising around town.

Adult Male Riding Sturmvogel Bike on bridge
The Sturmvogel EVO Street is ideal for short trips around town or the neighborhood.Jeff Allen

Much of Bulls Bikes’ electric line is very purpose built. But the Sturmvogel EVO Street breaks from the completely utilitarian in a “some show and some go” urban cruiser blend.

What Is a Sturmvogel EVO Street?

The Sturmvogel EVO Street is an around-town or neighborhood cruiser. Bulls strays away from its usual Bosch motor choice for this model, opting instead for the Brose Drive T system. The motor is rated at 250W with 70Nm of torque for pedal assistance up to 320 percent, putting it in the middle of the three Brose offerings for both torque and maximum assist. The integrated downtube battery provides an impressive 650Wh.

Sturmvogel Pedal Assist close up
Pedal assist is provided by a 250W Brose Drive T system.Jeff Allen

Located on the top of the downtube, the charging port is easily accessed, but the untethered rubber cover is as easy to lose as it is to use. The keyhole is next door, and while there is no cover to lose, it seems poised to invite contamination from the elements. Abus provides the system, allowing you to get a bike lock keyed to match.

The drive system is controlled by the sleek-looking BLOKS CSI display, mirrored by an equally modern bar-mounted bell. An integrated front carrier makes carrying smaller loads a breeze, but take note of load height as the bars have to swing over it on sharper turns. The whole package tips the scales at 57 pounds.

How Does the Sturmvogel EVO Street Ride?

Power is subdued on the road. There is no initial thrust, and being in too big of a gear can really cause things to bog down. Power drop-off felt premature, with noticeable assist dropping off at 19 mph. Despite this, climbing when in the right gear was easy, and we spent much of the time cruising 19–20 mph in the tallest of the eight gears offered by the Shimano Alfine hub. While the display doesn’t show trip distance, we calculate a little over 40 miles out of a full charge on Turbo with lights on, which is more than plenty for the bike’s intended use.

Sturmvogel Pedal Assist close up 2
The Alfine eight-speed internally geared hub can be shifted while the ebike isn’t being pedaled—convenient for getting going again after a quick stop.Jeff Allen

Riders looking for outright power may be disappointed, but those favoring smooth delivery that feels like a non-electric will be pleased. Unlike most motor systems, Brose uses an internal belt to drive the crank. This helps isolate vibrations from the motor. It’s a difference you can feel compared with a direct-drive unit—so much so that when you hit the groove it’s easy to forget you’re getting help, in a good way.

The battery gauge on the BLOKS CSI display was a tad small, requiring a slightly longer-than-usual glance to read. Other information was easily obtained thanks largely to the digits being illuminated by reflecting sunlight while keeping screen glare in check. An intuitive pressing of the plus or minus arrows on the screen changes assist levels. It lacks more comprehensive data found on other displays, but its compact size allows plenty of space for mounting additional devices for number crunchers. There is also a micro USB port for those looking to charge additional devices en route.

Gearing comes in the form of Shimano’s Alfine eight-speed internally geared hub, offering a wide range of gears like derailleur systems but in a form more immune to bumps, knocks, and the elements. It also allows you to shift while stopped, which is a key feature if you get caught off guard by a quick stop and need to be in an easier gear to get going again.

Sturmvogel Saddle
We wish the ebike’s saddle was as comfortable as it is stylish.Jeff Allen

Some may lament the lack of suspension, and while the saddle looks cool, it felt more like a cinder block after 5 miles. The 26 x 2.35-inch Schwalbe Fat Frank tires save the ride by smoothing out bumpy tarmac with their impressively large air volume. Full-length fenders keep unwanted liquids and debris in check, while front and rear lights help you see and be seen on crowded urban streets.

While a more forgiving saddle would improve comfort, the rest comes together to create a great bike for buzzing around town. The lack of moving suspension parts minimizes periodic maintenance, as do the internally geared hub and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Large battery capacity makes the lack of a trip distance and range estimator (mostly) irrelevant, while smooth power delivery yields predictable handling for tighter quarters.

Sturmvogel Side View
The Sturmvogel EVO Street is stronger on performance and style than pure acceleration.Jeff Allen

How Much Does the Sturmvogel EVO Street Cost?

The Sturmvogel EVO Street isn’t a long-hauler or particularly fast. It’s ideal for a series of short jaunts around town or the neighborhood. The $3,699 MSRP is on the higher side, but style isn’t cheap. And if you like the style of the Sturmvogel, you won’t be let down when it comes to performance around town.