Bluejay Bikes Premiere Edition Ebike Review

Classic style meets contemporary performance.

Bluejay Profile
The Premiere Edition in the Bluejay Blue colorway. It also comes in four other colors.Jeff Allen

Bluejay Bikes blends old and new, combining clean classic lines from timeless city bikes with modern ebike drive systems. The result: a beautiful-looking bike with modern convenience.

Bluejay Profile Rear Back Tire
The rear rack is compatible with Thule’s attachment system.Jeff Allen

What Is a Bluejay Bikes Premiere Edition?

The Premiere Edition is a car alternative, in ebike form. Forward motion is assisted by Bafang’s M400 series 350W mid-drive motor with 80Nm of torque on offer, powered by a 600Wh externally mounted downtube battery. This is arguably not as clean as integrated options, but the trade-off is simpler access and removal, so it’s a fair trade. The mount did feel slightly fragile during battery removal and installation, but held up on rides.

Bluejay center-mounted display
The center-mounted display is simple and easy to read.Jeff Allen

A large center-mounted display presents information, controlled via an intuitive thumb-operated console by the left grip, mirrored by a large metal bell near the right grip.

Like any good around-towner, the Premiere Edition has a rear carrier that is compatible with Thule’s attachment system, with provisions for mounting a front carrier. Painted-to-match fenders keep up the beauty initiative, and the machine tips the scales at 55 pounds in the medium/large size. The only frame style offered is a step-through, which is logical for its intended use. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want a traditional diamond frame.

Bluejay mid-drive motor
The Bafang mid-drive motor is whisper quiet.Jeff Allen

How Does the Premiere Edition Ride?

Bafang isn’t known for mid-drive bikes, but the get-up-and-go was pleasantly stout and surprisingly quiet—possibly the softest whisper of any motor. Power application was also buttery smooth.

With most systems offering four assist levels, having five to choose from on the Premiere Edition is like saying, “This one goes to 11.” It’s technically a feature, but in reality, the difference between levels 4 and 5 is minimal. At full assist we netted 38 miles out of a complete charge.

Selecting levels is done via intuitive, easily reached buttons on the control console. Display Info was easy to read while riding, with one caveat: The bars depicting charge level are too close together to quickly decipher, and it’s exacerbated by polarized sunglasses. A small touch that is a big deal is the display’s USB port cover, which is easy to open and close.

Bluejay cockpit view
The Premiere Edition’s cockpit includes retro-style ergonomic lock-on grips and a bell.Jeff Allen

Handling is surprisingly neutral, striking a balance of maneuverability and stability. It’s a theme that continues in regard to comfort. The steel fork lacks suspension but offers up some compliance that’s augmented by the ergonomic lock-on grips. The saddle is well -padded, but not so large that any sense of sportiness is lost.

Front and rear lights that draw power from the motor’s battery are becoming ubiquitous in the segment, and the Bluejay Premiere Edition follows suit. A very cleanly mounted taillight plays rear guard, while forward duties are handled by the headlight with its less-common fork-leg mount, which avoids potential conflict with front baskets or racks. It’s bright enough for visibility to motor traffic, but you might want a stronger headlight for nighttime riding.

Bluejay Battery Power
The drive system’s battery powers front and rear lights on the Premiere Edition.Jeff Allen

The seatstay-mounted café lock is neat, but is better suited to Europe than North America, where pickup trucks are a dime a dozen and it takes no time to throw a bike in the back. The other holes in the frame on the toptube and downtube are for mounting of the Bluejay front basket. It’s a nice feature, but would be better if the mounting bolts for the basket were used to plug the holes, rather than the plastic caps that pop out easily.

The cream color Schwalbe Little Big Ben 700x38 tires continue the theme of balanced comfort and performance. Stainless steel spokes laced into 36-hole rims are strong and easy to maintain. A side benefit of the rims is their 19-millimeter width, making them compatible with the Hutchinson Serenity Tire System for true no-flat technology with a decent ride quality.

Shimano’s Alfine internally geared hub and matching trigger shifter put eight speeds on tap, and the system requires less regular maintenance than derailleur drivetrains while also standing up better to the elements. Stopping is handled by Tektro hydraulic calipers clamping 160-millimeter rotors front and rear.

Bluejay bike close up
The Premiere Edition retails for $2,995.Jeff Allen

How Much Does the Premiere Edition Cost?

George Washington will have to surrender 2,995 times to bring the Premiere Edition home. It looks good, surprises in the power department, and is well-suited for its intended purpose. It doesn’t offer quite as much comfort as bikes with a larger saddle or tires and a suspension fork, but makes up for it in no-fuss maintenance and quick, confident handling.