3 Ways To Improve Your Ride With New Tires

Get more out of your ebike with fresh rubber.

Several manufacturers make ebike-specific tires.Amazon

If you have owned your ebike for a while and are still running the original tires it came with, it might be time for an upgrade. The tires on your bike vitally influence the way that your bike rides because they are the point of contact between the ground and the bicycle. Depending on how often you ride your ebike, how long your rides are, and the type of terrain you ride, different tires may add different value and benefits to the bike. Riding on rough roads and the occasional trail? A knobby tire might be best for you. If you are commuting through the city with lots of litter and broken glass, a thick, durable tire is the answer. For the speedsters, consister a performance tire.

For Rough Roads

Avoid flats on the road with burly rubber.Amazon

If you are riding long miles that call for a road tire but have lots of debris like broken glass, cracked concrete, or gravel on your route, it might be best to consider a very durable tire. Look for a tire that is stronger against the risk of punctures, so that you can spend more time riding and less time on the side of the road with a flat tire. You may want to get a slightly bigger tire if going for one of these, as long as the tire fits your bike's fork and frame. A 700 x 28c or 700 x 32c tire will offer more protection with big, thick rubber.

Less Rolling Resistance

Is speed a priority? Then this one will be your go-to.Amazon

If speed is your main concern and you ride in an area without a lot of debris on the road, consider a performance tire. Performance tires are created to have less rolling resistance on the road, making pedaling your ebike fast and effortlessly even easier. These days, performance tires also offer great puncture resistance.

Traction On Terrain

Opt for knobbies if you crave riding off road.Amazon

If exploring and getting off of the main road is your priority on your ebike, a mountain bike tire will add the most value to your ride. Mountain bike tires are much wider than road tires, and have patterns of large and small knobs all around so that they can ride through nearly anything. Use these tires if you’re going to be riding through mud or sand, or over rocks and roots. A mountain bike tire will help you take your ebike off the road to see more of the world.