3 Ways To Improve Your Ebike Ride With New Pedals

Experience a more dynamic ride with upgraded pedals on your ebike.

Crankbrothers’ Stamp flat pedalAmazon

The pedals on your ebike are the link between you and the bicycle. Energy is transferred from the rotation in your legs to the bike through the pedals. You can maximize this process with new pedals. Depending on how and where you ride, you can either upgrade your pedals to different types of clipless pedals, or to a stiff, flat pedal. Riding with new pedals on your ebike will get you where you want to go faster and more efficiently, so you have more energy once you get there. If you are riding longer distances, or on trails, a clipless pedal may be the way to go. If riding around town is your jam, consider a new flat pedal.

SHIMANO Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals

A road pedal is the fastest and most efficient.Amazon

If you are using your ebike to cover long distances, you can consider a set of road pedals to drastically increase your pedaling efficiency and change the way you ride. A road bike pedal uses a special road shoe that clicks into the pedal with a cleat, making a secure but easy-to-remove connection between the pedal and your feet. This enables you to get power out of the entire pedal stroke, instead of just the down stroke. Consider a pedal made from carbon fiber for even greater efficiency and lighter weight.

SHIMANO SPD Pedal Clipless Pedals

A mountain bike pedal offers the best of both worlds.Amazon

Clipless mountain bike pedals are similar to road pedals in that you click in to attach your shoe to your pedal. However, they use a different cleat system that makes the shoe much more multipurpose. While road bike shoes are notoriously hard to walk with, mountain bike shoes are not. If you are riding trails or riding your bike somewhere to walk around for a bit, consider a mountain bike pedal so you don't have to bring extra shoes. Look for one that you can clip into on both sides.

RockBros Lightweight Mountain Bike Pedals

Ride best in your sneaks with wide, flat pedals.Amazon

While your ebike may have come with flat pedals that work okay, there are still many improvements that can be made. By upgrading your flat pedals, you can have a big platform for your shoes, better grip on the pedals, and a lighter, stiffer platform. While not as efficient as a clipless pedal, these improvements will nonetheless improve your pedaling efficiency and comfort, while still being compatible with your everyday sneakers. Look for a pedal with small studs or pins on the outside. You won’t feel them through your shoes, but you’ll have great grip on the pedals.