3 Ways To Carry More On Your Ebike

Ditch the backpack and carry your belongings on your bike.

Bike baskets range from the stylish to the strictly utilitarian.Unsplash

Riding your ebike can open up a world of possibility, be it for exploration of your local area, commuting to work, or running errands. Yet some of these activities call for quite a bit of luggage. The easiest way is to carry everything in your pockets or in a backpack, but there are much better options. Pockets get bulky and uncomfortable while pedaling. Backpacks can also be uncomfortable due to the weight and make your back sweat. But carrying your cargo on the bike, either in a front basket or in panniers on a rear rack, you can carry much more without breaking any more of a sweat. You can even find a little toptube-mounted bag to stash your phone and a few snacks.

Retrospec Detachable Bike Basket

A removable basket offers an easy way to stash your bag or loose items.Amazon

If you are commuting to work with a briefcase or running errands on your ebike, a removable front basket may be a great option for you. Simply place your briefcase, grocery bag, loose items, or backpack in the basket and you are ready to roll. If you are shopping, you can even remove it from the bike and carry it with you on the go. Look for a basket that mounts on the handlebars and has a quick release mechanism for easy on and off capability.

BV Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers

Carry more in a secure fashion with rear panniers.Amazon

If you carry more than a small laptop bag or are using your ebike for large shopping trips, panniers that mount on the rear rack of your ebike may be a great solution for you. Panniers offer great storage capacity that is very secure. By clipping panniers onto your rear rack in multiple places, you can be sure that your important items will not rattle around. If you are commuting with a laptop, look for panniers that have a stiff, sturdy edge. Other great features to consider are details like reflective striping to ride at night, and easy installation and removal.

Bicycle Top Tube Cycling Phone Mount

Hold your essential items in a toptube bag.Amazon

If you are out on a more recreational ride, or don’t need to carry a computer into work, a small bag that mounts on your toptube may be all that you need. Most have space for your phone, wallet, keys, and a few snacks. You’ll be more comfortable without anything loading down your pockets, so you can enjoy the ride. Easy zipper enclosures allow quick access to the bag. Look for a toptube bag with a clear phone pocket on top so you can look at the map if you are in an unfamiliar area.