3 Types Of Shorts To Improve Your Ride

Riding in cycling shorts can help you pedal longer, in greater comfort.

Mountain bike shorts with a padded chamois are one comfort option.Amazon

As you start to ride your ebike longer or more frequently, you may notice that riding around in your daily attire or athletic clothing can be a bit uncomfortable on the bicycle seat. No need to worry, as a bit of discomfort can be totally normal. One of the best ways to address this issue is with cycling shorts. Cycling shorts have two main benefits. The first is that they are designed for the mechanics of your body on your ebike, so they easily move along with your pedal stroke. Second, they are made with a chamois pad, a layer of foam that sits between you and the seat. The chamois pad is great for comfort and alleviating fatigue.

Stays In Place

This garment’s suspender-like design keeps it snug throughout longer rides. Amazon

If you are starting to ride long miles on the road or on trails, a bib short might be the best solution for you. Bib shorts are made out of spandex or other stretchy material, and have built-in straps like suspenders that reach over your shoulders. The result is a very refined fit that hugs the body. These can be very comfortable, and the bib straps keep the shorts or the chamois from moving when you ride, creating the best padding between you and the bicycle seat. Look for a bib short that has elastic and grippers around the leg openings for an even more refined fit.

Convenient And Comfortable

When you just want to go for a quick ride something simple like this is all you need.Amazon

If you still want the benefits of spandex cycling shorts but bib straps sounds too uncomfortable or inconvenient for you, a standard pair of cycling shorts may be the answer. These are designed just like bib shorts, yet with nothing restricting your upper body. Unlike a bib short, you can easily change into your cycling shorts if you are commuting home or just going out for a ride. Look for cool graphics that match your ebike or your favorite color.

For The Trails

If you aren’t one for spandex, look for something like this.Amazon

If the spandex look is not for you but you still want the benefits of a chamois, look no further than a pair of mountain bike shorts, or “baggies.” Baggies look like your everyday pair of athletic or hiking shorts, yet have a chamois designed to perfectly add comfort when you sit on your ebike. While the fit may not be as precise as a spandex short, the look is much more suited to running errands, riding your bike to the gym, or meeting up with some friends after a ride on your ebike. Look for shorts with a lightweight, quick-drying material on the outside for best performance at high intensity.