3 Smart Locks For Your Ebike

Take your bike security to the next level.

Smart locks use the owner’s fingerprint, a phone app, or other keyless means to be operated.NuLock

Always losing the keys or forgetting the combination for your bicycle lock? Then look into the latest generation of “smart” locks that open and close with the user’s fingerprint, a phone app, or other nontraditional means. Here’s a sampling of three smart locks you can buy right now.

ULAC Tron-XD Fingerprint U-Lock

Fingerprint Security Lock
The ULAC Tron-XD smart U-lock uses the owner’s fingerprint to unlock.Amazon

As the name indicates, this smart U-lock uses the owner's fingerprint to unlock, but it also comes with an emergency key and micro USB charger that can be used should the battery run low. One full charge lasts a claimed 2,200 openings.

The Tron-XD takes just five seconds to unlock, according to the company, and can store as many as 20 fingerprints to share among different bikes and users. It has a 14-millimeter aluminum shackle with a silicone coating to prevent scratches to bike frames, a 420mAh 3.7V lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, and a rainproof design. Weight: 1.24 pounds.

NuNet NuLock Keyless Bluetooth Lock

The NuNet NuLock opens when the owner gets within the lock’s BluetoothAmazon

The NuLock uses a companion app to unlock when the owner gets within the lock's Bluetooth range and the user presses the app's unlock button.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app also shows the lock’s battery level—blinking red and blue when the life of the three AAA batteries drops below 20 percent. Batteries should last as long as eight months, according to the company.

In the event of an attack on the lock, a 110-decibel alarm sounds. The owner’s app and pass code are required to silence the alarm.

The braided cable measures 0.4 inch in diameter and 31 inches long, and is made from a combination of ABS plastic, copper, and braided steel wrapped in a sturdy casing.

WiseLime Smart Heavy-Duty Fingerprint U-Lock

WiseLime Smart Heavy-Duty Fingerprint U-Lock
Keyless, password-less security via WiseLime’s heavy-duty fingerprint U-lock.Amazon

This fingerprint-activated U-lock is made from military-grade stainless steel covered with silicone and features robust aluminum alloy hydraulic pliers. It's designed for lower power consumption, and is powered by a 2,600mAh lithium battery that charges via a micro-interface USB cable.

The WiseLime stores and supports up to 10 fingerprints for swapping among different users and bikes. Weight: 1.5 pounds.