3 Great Headlights For Your Nighttime Ride

Illuminate your way home as the days grow shorter.

Light & Motion Urban 500 headlight
Light & Motion Urban 500 headlight.Amazon

With the end of daylight saving time fast approaching, darkness will start falling earlier on your evening—or even late-afternoon—ebike ride or commute home from work. With battery technology advancing at such a rapid pace, today’s bicycle headlights are more compact and powerful than ever—and great deals are to be had from a number of brands. Here are three headlights that offer both value and performance.

Niterider Lumina 1100 Boost

Niterider Lumina 1100 Boost
Niterider Lumina 1100 Boost.Amazon

NiteRider benefits from 30 years of R&D experience to produce some of the most value-packed lights on the market. Pushing out 1,100 lumens of power when its Boost mode is unlocked, the Lumina 1100 Boost throws more light than most commuters will need, and it could even be used as a primary handlebar-mounted light for nighttime mountain biking. But if having a clear path far ahead of you is your top priority, the Lumina is up to the task. It has five light levels plus a flash mode for daytime visibility.

The light is housed in a DuPont fiberglass-reinforced nylon for durability, and gasket sealing wards off the elements like rain and dust. An aluminum heatsink keeps the lithium-ion battery and interior circuitry from overheating even in the 1,100-lumen maximum setting.

A quick-release tab on the included handlebar mount makes for easy mounting and removal of the Lumina 1100, and charge time via USB is around six hours.

Light & Motion Urban 500

Light & Motion Urban 500
Light & Motion Urban 500.Amazon

Designed and manufactured in the US, Light & Motion's Urban 500 headlight hits a crossroads of premium performance and entry-level price. Its 500-lumen Cree LED lights the way more than amply, and visibility is enhanced by distinct amber sidelights that stand out to motorists.

The Urban 500 has three light modes plus the SafePulse beam, and is designed to provide the highest level of rider awareness without the risks associated with flashing lights. Run time ranges from five to six hours.

The USB-rechargeable light easily mounts on standard or oversize handlebars and can be removed in seconds by its quick-release attachment. It’s also certified waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter.

Lezyne Strip Drive 400

Lezyne Strip Drive 400
Lezyne Strip Drive 400.Amazon

The Lezyne Strip Drive 400 has a strip of five high-output LEDs to put out three modes of constant light up to 100 lumens, six distinctive nighttime flashing modes, and a 400-lumen daytime flashing mode. Run time ranges from 2.5 hours (Blast constant mode) to 21.5 hours (the light's longest-running flash mode).

It features a lightweight and waterproof design, a co-molded lens/body construction, side visibility, and backside shaped to fit both round and aero handlebars. Recharge time is two hours.