3 Great Ways To Store Your Ebike At Home

Make the most of your garage or living space with these easy and clean ways to store your ebike.

Maximize your living space by using a wall rack.Unsplash

After a day of commuting and work, or a leisurely ride through the park, you want to easily be able to store your ebike and forget about it. Whether in a garage, a backyard, or a hallway, there are many great ways to organize and store as many as four or five ebikes. Whether it’s just your ebike or everyone in the family rides, there are great options for any space and number of bikes.

Adjustable Convenience

Store two to five bikes without having to lift them off the ground!Amazon

If you have space in your garage or backyard, a simple floor rack is the easiest way to store your ebike or ebikes. Simply slide in the front tire and the bike stands upright. Look for an adjustable rack that can fit more or fewer bikes according to your needs.

Occupy A Tight Space

A wall-mounted rack keeps your ebike out of your way and frees up space.Amazon

Short on space and have just one bike? Whether in a garage or a hallway, a rack that holds your ebike flat against the wall will optimize your space, keeping your ebike off the ground and your space free of clutter. Look for a rack that has adjustable mounts to fit a wide range of bike sizes and shapes. You can also consider the material used in the rack: A lightweight aluminum system will be easy to install and will support your ebike well, and padded hooks will keep your bike safe from any damage.

Space saving for multiple bikes

A multi-hook system can securely hang five bikes in tight locations.Amazon

If you or your family has multiple bikes but not enough space for a floor rack, a wall-mounted multi-hook system is a great option to consider. Many of these are made of strong steel and can easily hold multiple ebikes. By hanging your ebikes on a steel rail, you'll save valuable space in your garage or home. Look for a system that lets you reorganize the hooks to accommodate different-size handlebars, or even use any extra space for other storage.