Uber Updates App To Improve Emobility Information

Also, new Jump ebikes and escooters to have swappable batteries.

Uber’s Jump electric bikes and scooters are available in 28 US cities.Jump

Uber recently announced changes to its app aimed at making it easier to find not only the company’s Jump shared dockless electric bikes and scooters, but also escooters from competitor Lime.

Starting this month, the app will show ebikes and escooters on the Uber map to more easily connect users to micromobility options. The change will be made in the 28 US cities where Jump is available as well as a dozen cities where Lime scooters are available on the Uber app. (Uber bought Jump in April 2018 and owns a minority stake in Lime.)

Uber’s app will also direct rideshare users to Lime electric scooters.Lime

Uber also announced that the next generation of its Jump share ebikes and escooters will come with swappable batteries. "To make finding a ride with a full battery easier than ever, we're building the new Jump Charging Kiosk, which will allow you to swap out a low-charge battery for a fresh one, on the go. Our new battery-swappable bikes, scooters, and charging infrastructure will be in select cities next year," the company stated. Details on those select cities were not immediately available.

And in an effort to improve safety for both rideshare users and cyclists in more than 200 cities where Uber operates, by the end of October Uber rideshare users will receive a notification when they’re about to be dropped off near a bike lane. “We think this reminder will help make sure riders are looking out for cyclists before they open the door, which can improve safety for everyone,” the company stated.