Top 3 Budget Deodorants For Men

Stock up on these deodorants without breaking your budget.

We all sweat after a workout.Max Winkler/Unsplash

It happens to the best of us. We shower, get ready for work, and by the time we get to the office, we are feeling gross and sweaty again. Instead of focusing on work, you keep thinking: Can they smell it too? Don’t let perspiration undermine your confidence. Keep an extra stick of deodorant with you at all times and smell fresh all day long.

Old Spice 4-Pack

Old Spice Pure Scent four-pack.Amazon

This old reliable deodorant will never let you down. We like the 24-hour protection it provides day in and day out. This four-pack will keep you smelling your best no matter where you are. Pure Scent truly smells like freshness.

Right Guard 6-Pack

Right Guard Invisible Sport Fresh six-pack.Amazon

You will love this deodorant. With its 48-hour odor protection and a proprietary formula defending against yellow stains, it will quickly become your new favorite. This deodorant is dermatologist tested and approved, so put your mind at ease.

Speed Stick 6-Pack

Speed Stick Ocean Surf six-pack.Amazon

This deodorant boasts a secret odor-fighting formula which promises to keep you smelling fresh over and over again. This product features a comfort guard applicator, so you don't have to worry about using too much or not enough. The fresh, masculine scent is not to be missed.