Video: Connor Fearon Aboard the Kona Remote 160 DL eMTB

A quest for “Pie in the Sky” with the Aussie shredder.

More whip than your grocery store’s dessert aisle.Kona Bikes

Enduro and downhill athlete Connor Fearon, a native of Adelaide, South Australia, has been astride Kona mountain bikes for more than a decade now, putting down scorching race times for the Kona Factory Racing squad in recent years. His favorite race mount of the moment is the 2021 Kona Process X. But what does he turn to when the local bakeries run out of his favorite Aussie pies and he needs to embark on a hunt for “Pie in Sky”? That’d be the new Kona Remote 160 DL, a long-legged pedal-assist trail slasher with plenty of giddyap from Shimano’s EP8 mid-drive motor (a vast improvement over the last generation of drives from the component giant, in our opinion).

Fearon’s pie wagon: the 2021 Kona Remote 160 DL.Kona Bikes

At Cycle Volta, we’re just getting acquainted with our test sample of Kona’s top-of-the-eMTB-line Remote 160 DL (review landing in the coming weeks), so in the meantime join Connor for some whipped-out hang time and near-bar-dragging berm hits on his quest for buttery, flaky satisfaction. Mmmmm, pies…