Ubco Launches 2020 Product Line

Freeride trail bike and new versions of the 2x2 coming soon.

Ubco Launches 2020 Product Line
Ubco will release the fifth generation of its 2x2 electric moped for 2020.Andy Day

Utility electric vehicle maker Ubco has pulled the curtain back on its 2020 product range, including a new freeride trail bike and two new versions of its fifth-generation 2x2 utility bike.

Ubco unveiled the new products this week at its Ubcon19 dealer and distributor event in the company’s home of New Zealand.

Ubco Launches 2020 Product Line
The FRX1 electric freeride back has a maximum assisted speed of 50 mph.Andy Day

The FRX1 electric freeride trail bike, which Cycle Volta first saw at the AIMExpo in September, has throttle assistance up to 50 mph, an internal transmission system with nine gears for pedaling, 200 millimeters of front and rear travel, and range up to 62 miles. Its 2.2kWh lithium-ion battery powers a liquid-cooled brushless mid-drive motor producing 15kW of peak power and 280Nm of maximum torque.

The FRX1 has a mixed-wheel-size layout (24-inch rear, 26-inch front); a two-piston hydraulic rear disc brake and four-piston front brake, both with 203-millimeter rotors; adjustable regenerative braking; and an adjustable bicycle saddle. It’s due for release sometime in 2020.

2X2 Adventure
The 2x2ADV adventure bike is ready for both street and off-road duty.Andy Day

Now in its fifth iteration, the Ubco 2x2 electric moped will come in two new models for 2020. Both bikes share the same new drivetrain and power system, vehicle management system, telematics, control clusters, frame, and structure.

The 2x2ADV (adventure bike) is street-legal in Australasia, the US, and Europe—while also being off-road-worthy—and has a portable power supply for on- or off-road adventures.

2X2 Work
The 2x2WK work bike is Ubco’s lightest 2x2 yet.Andy Day

2x2WK (work bike) is designed purely for off-road duty for farmers, hunters, property owners, and outdoor enthusiasts—stripped back and ready for a hard day’s work, according to Ubco. It’s the company’s lightest and simplest 2x2 to date. No further details of the 2x2s were immediately available.

2X2 Lever Guards
The 2x2WK comes with lever guards standard.Andy Day

“These new bikes are the culmination of 18 months of iterative development and we are stoked with the new 2x2,” said Tom Hayward, Ubco’s chief product officer. “It delivers on so many areas where we have learnt from our customers and users and it is satisfying to see the dealer and distributor responses to the new products.”

KXH Portable Power System
The KXH Portable Power System supplies power for the 2x2 but also comes off the bike for use as a stand-alone generator.Andy Day

The KXH Portable Power System is a new product range for Ubco, providing external power on demand like a generator.

“Portable power has been at the core of the 2x2 modular design since the outset with the power accessible off the console. In 2020 this has become a completely stand-alone product capable of working both inside and outside the vehicle,” Ubco stated. “This new product comes in a rugged exo-frame to match its applications in the real world with multiple directions to carry and use. With 12V and 5V ports, it can power a wide range of your devices with our largest total capacity of 60Ah. The Exo frame enables it to be carried easily and attached to the bike, the garage, or your vehicle.”

The KXH doubles as the power supply of the 2x2, and it can be easily removed from its protective frame and placed into the bike. It comes standard with a battery lock for security when the bike is parked.

Pricing was not available for the 2020 Ubco products.