Video: Foes Racing E-Ticket eMTB First Look

We talk to company founder and framebuilder Brent Foes about going electric.

The Foes E-Ticket has 160 millimeters of rear travel and 170 mils up front.Alberto Beltran

The new E-Ticket electric mountain bike is the first eMTB from Southern California-based framebuilder Foes Racing. While the ebike market is a new space for Foes, much of the brand’s nearly three-decade pedigree immediately jumps out from the E-Ticket.

Foes Racing founder Brent Foes is a born builder and craftsman.Alberto Beltran

Company founder Brent Foes still works exclusively in aluminum, while many other boutique MTB brands have relocated their production to Asia to meet the MTB market’s insatiable demand for carbon fiber. So you get the swooping tube shapes and gorgeous welds that call out a Foes rig on the trail. Brent also continues to design his bikes with a single-pivot rear suspension, citing its durability and ease of maintenance over more complicated multi-link systems.

While so-called “mullet bikes”—pairing a 27.5-inch rear wheel with a 29-inch front hoop—have been an emerging trend lately among eMTB makers, Foes has been doing it for years on analog models like its Mixer trail/all-mountain bike (one of Brent’s personal favorites from the Foes line). The E-Ticket gets the same treatment.

Brent Foes gets some trail time in on the E-Ticket.Alberto Beltran

We recently dropped in on Brent at Foes Racing’s factory in San Dimas, California, and went out on a trail ride to learn more about the E-Ticket. Look for Cycle Volta to test the E-Ticket soon in our upcoming Long-Travel eMTB Shoutout, highlighting electric mountain bikes with 160 millimeters or more of front and rear suspension travel.