Magnum Ebikes Blend Value And Style

Brand also offers an ebike conversion kit and electric scooters.

Magnum Ebikes Blend Value And Style
Step-through city bikes are strong sellers for Magnum.Magnum Bikes

Magnum Bikes’ roots date back to 2010, when co-founder Yoni Kayman began selling ebikes in Israel. Looking to expand to the US market, he reached out to longtime friend and Salt Lake City resident Jesse Lapin, who had worked with Kayman at a New York-based nonprofit in the early 2000s.

Lapin recalled: “I’m talking to him and he said, ‘I’m going to Las Vegas. I know that’s not far from you in Salt Lake City. I just got into the bike industry and there’s this thing called electric bikes. What do you think about meeting me out there and we can talk business and see if there’s an opportunity to get something going?’ So I said why not and flew to Vegas the very next day for the (2014) Interbike show. And that was the start of something kind of beautiful.”

They established a new company headquarters and showroom in Salt Lake City in 2015 and developed a new ebike line for the US market focused on delivering more bang for the customer’s buck.

“We’ve always positioned ourselves as a value proposition to the consumer. We’re trying to offer the best bike at the price point. That price point early on was $1,500 to $2,000, and it still is. We’ve been able to maintain that, which has been difficult for many brands,” Lapin said.

Magnum Cruiser
The Magnum Cruiser is outfitted with a 500W/48V hub motor and 624Wh downtube-mounted battery. It retails for $2,249.Magnum Cruiser

And while Magnum’s top-end bikes now go up to $2,500, the brand’s sweet spot remains step-through recreational models priced at $1,800 to $2,000.

Magnum’s product development process is a truly international affair. Designers work from the Salt Lake City office, with input from Kayman in Israel. The company also leverages design and engineering expertise from manufacturing partner BB-Leisger in Hannover, Germany. The bikes are then manufactured and assembled at BB-Leisger’s factories in China and Vietnam.

“We have a very close design relationship with BB-Leisger. It’s a really unique partnership dating back before we entered the US market,” Lapin said.

“The (design) philosophy is twofold: One, it incorporates design elements that are sleek, stylish, and very German in a lot of ways, but they’re also simple and fluid. The word I often use for our electronic components is that they’re ‘harmonized’ very well,” he added.

BB-Leisger manufactures the Das-Kit geared rear hub motors, display units, and controllers that are at the heart of Magnum’s ebikes.

Magnum Bikes
The Metro step-through ebike is one of Magnum’s strongest sellers.Magnum Bikes

In addition to the popular step-through models, Magnum also offers laid-back cruisers, folding bikes, upright mountain bikes, and diamond-frame urban models. Across the line, the models can be ordered as Class 1, 2, or 3 ebikes, with 20 or 25 mph of pedal assist and/or throttle assist up to 20 mph. Current best-sellers include the $2,175 Metro and $2,349 Navigator (576Wh battery) step-through urban/commuter models.

The company sells through about 200 dealers in North America, 85 in Israel, and 50 in New Zealand. Magnum also recently began distribution in Brazil.

In addition to the showroom and service center at its Salt Lake City office, Magnum has brand-dedicated stores in St. George, Utah; Sarasota, Florida; and Toronto, which is also its Canadian distribution hub. If a customer doesn’t have an authorized independent dealer or Magnum-operated store in their area, the company will ship ebikes directly to their door.

Magnum also sells $600–$1,300 electric scooters under the Imax name. Those products are being rebranded as Magnum this year.

“In the early days we thought it would be interesting to try a different-branded item with the scooters. I just think the name Magnum elicits something bigger and bolder. The Imax name is a little 2000s, so we’re going to rebrand as Magnum,” Lapin said.

The Ranger fat-tire cruiser
The Ranger fat-tire cruiser is a new addition to Magnum’s line. It has a powerful 750W/48V hub motor and sells for $2,499.Magnum Bikes

In addition, Magnum offers an $1,100 conversion kit to turn any 26-inch-wheel conventional bicycle into an ebike. The kit consists of a 26-inch rear wheel with a 500W hub motor, a 48V/13Ah battery, LCD display, thumb throttle, cadence sensor, and a battery-carrying rear rack with an integrated controller box.

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