LiveWire Launch Edition S2 Del Mar Photo Gallery

A closer look at the Harley-born EV brand’s second electric motorcycle.

The Live Wire Launch Edition S2 Del Mar displayed earlier this week was a preproduction model, with delivery of production bikes expected in spring 2023.Morgan Gales

Earlier this week we shared the unveiling of the LiveWire Launch Edition S2 Del Mar, a special limited-run iteration of the upcoming second production electric motorcycle coming from Harley-Davidson spinoff EV label LiveWire.

The first bike built on LiveWire’s S2 Arrow architecture, the Launch Edition will retail for $17,699, and S2 Del Mar models are expected to follow with a target MSRP of $15,000.

Morgan Gales of Cycle Volta sibling titles and was at the Launch Edition’s official unveiling this week and got a closer look at the flat-track-inspired EV for us.

Hand-painted bodywork on the Launch Edition takes five days to complete.Morgan Gales
A badge on the LiveWire S2 Del Mar’s not-a-gas tank shows that it’s one of a limited number of Launch Edition bikes. Morgan Gales
Polished fins on the S2 battery help draw a visual line from the swingarm through the shock to the front of the bike.Morgan Gales
A preload-adjustable rear monoshock sits exposed in the S2 Del Mar’s bodywork.Morgan Gales
A narrow seat extends from the small tailsection of the S2 Del Mar up onto the not-a-gas tank. Morgan Gales
Despite LiveWire now being its own brand, Harley-Davidson badging can be seen in several key places.Morgan Gales
The DT-1 tires were developed with Dunlop to provide the flat-track aesthetic, and what LiveWire claims will be even better performance both on and off-road.Morgan Gales
The charging cover for the LiveWire S2 Del Mar. Morgan Gales
Exposed charging port on the LiveWire Launch Edition S2 Del Mar.Morgan Gales
LiveWire went big on displaying each bike’s limited serial number, painting it on the right side of each Launch Edition’s cover. Morgan Gales
These mag wheels are only available on the Launch Edition. More details on the production S2 Del Mar are yet to come.Morgan Gales
The S2 badge on the side of the LiveWire S2 Del Mar’s battery. Morgan Gales