Cardo Releases New Packtalk Black

Special edition Bluetooth communication device with black-out styling.

The Cardo Packtalk Black is a special edition with blacked-out styling, bigger speakers, and an extended warranty.Courtesy of Cardo

Editor’s note: This story originally appeared on Cycle Volta sibling website

If there’s one constant with gear reviews on Cruiser, it’s that you folks like plain black. The darker the better. Murder it out. Well, Cardo has heard you! The newest addition to the company’s Bluetooth communication device lineup is this special edition Packtalk Black, giving you improved performance over the company’s top-shelf Packtalk Bold with a couple of key features. The Packtalk Black is available now with an MSRP of $389.

So what exactly do you get for the extra $50? Well, there’s the obvious special edition styling, which gets rid of the silver portion on the front of the unit. The Packtalk Black comes standard with the 45mm JBL speakers that have previously only been available optionally on Cardo’s website—compared to the 40mm speakers that come standard in the Packtalk Bold, Slim, and Freecom 4+, though all of them come with the updated JBL Sound software. These promise to be both louder and more clear at speed. The Bold’s two-year warranty is extended to three years for the Black, as well.

The Packtalk Black is available now for $389.95.Courtesy of Cardo

Just like the Bold, the Packtalk Black is waterproof (IP67 certified, so it’s even submersible) and dustproof. It quickly pops off of the helmet to charge. Pairing is quick and easy, great in a group of up to 15 riders, and has an awesome range thanks to Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh. Battery life is a claimed 13 hours, and that seems about right. I can use mine (regular Bold) through a week of commutes before having to charge it again.

What you’re getting here is the best of the best. It’s Cardo’s top-shelf unit made just a little bit better and a bit more stylish. Yes, you’re paying top-shelf pricing for it, but hey, you get what you pay for, and Cardo guarantees it will last.