3 Saddles Designed For Electric Mountain Bikes

Perches for your charged-up off-road adventures.

Selle Italia’s X-LR E-Bike Superflow Saddle
Selle Italia’s X-LR E-Bike Superflow Saddle.Amazon

Jaded cyclists may roll their eyes at the glut of (fill in the blank)-specific components for (fill in the blank) types of riding or bikes, but electric mountain bikes do raise unique issues of their own. eMTBs allow riders to climb steeper terrain, which can shift seating position to new extremes compared with riding a traditional mountain bike. Electric assist also extends overall ride distance and intervals between resting, so having a comfortable perch becomes more important.

That said, saddle selection is a highly personal choice, and we recommend demoing saddles from your local bike shop before buying, if that’s at all feasible. Some even offer saddle brand-provided tools for measuring your sit-bone spacing to zero in on the right choice. Seeking the advice of an experienced bike fitter helps greatly as well.

But if you’re looking for an off-the-shelf option for your electric mountain bike, here are eMTB-specific saddles from three brands that pledge to optimize your electrified off-road ride.

Ergon SM E-Mountain Sport

Ergon SM E-Mountain Sport Men
Ergon SM E-Mountain Sport MenAmazon
Ergon SM E-Mountain Sport Women
Ergon SM E-Mountain Sport WomenAmazon

Ergon makes this eMTB-specific saddle, designed for extended seated climbing and extremely pitched ascents, in separate versions for women and men. They offer gender-specific shapes and relief channels, orthopedic comfort foam with OthoCell inlays, chromoly rails, a ramped-up tail for support on steep climbs, sliding flanks to minimize friction from pedaling motion. Both the men’s and women’s versions are available in small/medium and medium/large sizes to fit different sit-bone widths. The men’s and women’s saddles weigh 335 grams and 300 grams, respectively.

Selle Italia X-LR E-Bike Superflow

Selle Italia’s X-LR E-Bike Superflow Saddle
Selle Italia’s X-LR E-Bike Superflow Saddle.Amazon

The X-LR E-Bike Superflow saddle is the newest member of Selle Italia’s family of performance X-LR off-road saddles, all of which are built upon TI316 hollow-tube rails and covered in durable Fibra-Tek. The ebike version, the X-LR E-Bike Superflow, has extra padding, reinforced edges, a tapered center cutout designed to relieve pressure on the peritoneal area, and a downward-facing nose. It comes in a black colorway with blue accents. Selle Italia also recommends the X-LR E-Bike Superflow for electric gravel bikes. Weight: 195 grams.

PRO Volture E-MTB

The PRO Volture E-MTB comes in two widths.
The PRO Volture E-MTB comes in two widths.Amazon

The Volture E-MTB, from Shimano’s PRO component and accessory label, was designed in collaboration with fit experts at Bikefitting.com. PRO says research indicates that riders of electric mountain bikes don’t have to get out of the saddle as much as traditional mountain bikers to tackle steep climbs and hence put extra pressure on the saddle. So it has given the Volture E-MTB thicker padding, a wider nose, a reinforced carbon base, stainless steel rails, and a grippy polyurethane outer material to stabilize riding position. It comes in 142- and 152-millimeter widths to fit different sit-bone spacings. Weight: 235 grams (142-millimeter width).