Fantic XF1 Integra 180 Review

Long-travel enduro MTB with electric assist.

The XF1 Integra 180
Fantic has been manufacturing two-wheeled machines for more than five decades. The XF1 Integra 180 is one of its best.Jeff Allen

Fantic began producing two-wheeled machines in 1968 when Dr. Mario Agrati and Henry Keppel joined forces in Italy to export minibikes and enduro motorcycles for the American market. Half a decade later, Fantic is still producing motorcycles, but that is not what we are here to talk about. We are here for the Fantic XF1 Integra 180, a high-end electric mountain bike that does have a few nods to the motorcycling world from whence Fantic came.

Fantic supplied its long-travel enduro model for a review, and we put it through its paces at the China Peak Mountain Bike Park in the mountains above Fresno, California, after it had shut down operations in preparation for the ski season. No lift access to the downhill trails? No problem.

What Is A Fantic XF1 Integra 180?

The XF1 Integra 180 is a Class 1 electric mountain bike that Fantic describes as a “full eMTB enduro race bike.” It sits near the top of the Fantic eMTB line that consists of all XF1 Integra models fit with varied suspension specs, wheel travel, and components. The 180 has the longest wheel travel in the bunch at 180 millimeters, obviously.

The front suspension duty is controlled by a RockShox Lyrik RC fork. A RockShox Super Deluxe RCT Coil shock sits nearly unright in the frame, attached to a progressive single-pivot rear suspension. Its burly red anodized aluminum rocker arm looks more like a dirt bike part rather than one found on a mountain bike.

A fairly slack head angle of 64 degrees and a more traditional 72-degree seat angle are featured on the aluminum frame. This rolls on a “mullet” wheel setup, with a 27.5-inch rear wheel and a 29-inch front. The wheels are constructed with Mavic E-XM rims and Miche XMH through-axle hubs, rolling on Maxxis Minion DH tires.

A 630Wh battery gives the Fantic XF1 Integra 180 excellent range.
A 630Wh battery gives the Fantic XF1 Integra 180 excellent range.Jeff Allen

Inside the frame is Fantic’s 36V, 630Wh lithium-ion Integra battery that is visible as a raised section on the downtube. A Brose Drive S motor offers 250W of maximum power and 90Nm of peak torque. Four power modes (off, low, medium, high) are available and adjustable through the slick and easy-to-use display pod on the left end of the handlebars. That display is chock-full of handy info such as speed, rider watts, trip, and remaining range. There is also a walk assist function if the need arises.

SRAM Code R brakes deliver the stopping on the Fantic XF1 Integra 180.
SRAM Code R brakes deliver the stopping on the Fantic XF1 Integra 180.Jeff Allen

Power transfer to the rear wheel is via a 32-tooth FSA chainring matched to an 11-speed (11-46T) SunRace cassette. A SRAM GX 11v groupset handles the shifting. SRAM Code R four-piston hydraulic brakes grip 200-millimeter front and rear rotors to slow the forward momentum of the Fantic. Finally, a Switch dropper seatpost moves the Fizik Monte saddle through 80, 100, or 120 millimeters of drop depending on whether the frame is a small, medium, or large.

RockShox Lyrik RC fork and Super Deluxe Coil shock.
You can handle drops and big hits with speed thanks to 180 millimeters of suspension travel from a RockShox Lyrik RC fork and Super Deluxe Coil shock.Jeff Allen

How Does The Fantic XF1 Integra 180 Ride?

With suspension travel numbers being closer to all-mountain settings rather than enduro, I expected the ride and handling to be squishy and less responsive than some shorter-travel bikes. I also expected it to eat up rough sections of trail with the slack head angle and long-travel suspension. I was half right—in the best way.

The Fantic XF1 Integra 180 feels light and nimble on the technical sections of trail despite its 53-pound overall weight in the large frame size. It snaps into corners happily and is quick to react to rider input. No sluggishness here. Still, when speed increases and the descents get steep, stability is epic. It flies straight as an arrow when needed, but can hook and jive when asked without a monumental expenditure of energy. I’m a true believer in the mullet wheel setup, and the Fantic makes the most of mismatched wheel sizing.

Fantic’s XF1 Integra 180 is stable yet quick to react in technical situations.
Fantic’s XF1 Integra 180 is stable yet quick to react in technical situations.Jeff Allen

Rock gardens, drops, and jumps are a joy on the XF1 thanks to the RockShox Lyrik RC fork and Super Deluxe shock. Setup for my weight was quick, and after a few adjustments to compression and rebound on the shock I was set to make the most out of the self-powered shuttle runs up to China Peak’s DH lines.

Brose’s Drive S is quiet yet powerful, and is one of my favorite motors. Torque in the highest assist mode can keep you moving swiftly, but the medium mode (two bars next to the rocket icon) is the setting I used the most when hustling on mild climbs and picking my way through tech and tight sections. The low and off settings—didn’t use them much at all. This is an eMTB; enjoy that assist!

The Brose Drive S motor on the Fantic XF1 Integra 180 is quiet yet powerful.
The Brose Drive S motor on the Fantic XF1 Integra 180 is quiet yet powerful.Jeff Allen

After 40 miles on the clock, the battery level still showed one bar with an estimated range of 11 miles. Gotta love a big battery!

While pedaling up the mountain I found the only real complaint with the XF1. The 72-degree seat angle does move you pretty far back from the bottom bracket with the seat at the highest position; this made the XF1 wheelie-prone in the high setting on super-steep climbs and tight uphill switchback turns. Dropping the power assist to the middle mode helped in the switchbacks, but when the going gets really steep in the lowest gearing, you’ll need to get your butt off of the saddle to keep the front tire on the dirt. You soon forget the climbing issues when you point the XF1 Integra back down the mountain, however.

Fantic XF1 Integra 180.
One dollar shy of $8,000 is what it will cost to get your hands on a Fantic XF1 Integra 180.Jeff Allen

How Much Does the Fantic XF1 180 Cost?

Fantic lists the MSRP of the XF1 Integra 180 at $7,999. It’s a high-end bike with quality components and construction. It also has that massive battery for all-day fun. And with the excellent suspension performance, handling, and stability, you will want to ride all day. It’s one of the best machines Fantic has produced in its five decades.