Why You Should Be Riding An Ebike Today

Key benefits to riding an electric bicycle around town or out for an epic ride.

Lifestyle Ebike shoot in profile on street
Extend your range with less exertion aboard an ebike.Jeff Allen

As an avid cyclist, I am used to getting out on a bike. Even so, getting out for the kind of riding that I do requires special equipment, such as tight pants and clip-in shoes. With kids and work taking up the majority of my time, it becomes a chore to don the cyclist’s uniform. I just want to ride, and an ebike allows me to do just that.

Now that I log a good percentage of my miles on an electric bicycle, I have come up with my 10 favorite things about riding ebikes.

Key Benefits of Riding an Ebike

1. Starts and stops are less impactful on your energy—it’s easy to get going again, so you can better enjoy the scenery and snap an Instagram photo.

2. Carrying additional weight does not require much extra exertion, so mount a bike lock, add an integrated headlight, and bring along an extra layer.

3. You can travel farther and faster with less exertion. Whether it’s 10 miles or 100 miles, it’s going to be less work while still being a great physical and mental exercise.

4. Electric bikes lower the barrier to entry for more people, meaning anyone can ride an ebike regardless of fitness and experience.

male adult riding Ebike through high hay bushes
Ebikes are great for experienced cyclists as well as novices.Jeff Allen

5. If you already ride frequently, an ebike will simply make you feel stronger and more capable, and get you out on the bike more often.

6. Even a little extra power will make it easier to tackle hills with ease and keep your pace fun.

7. Keep pace with traffic for increased comfort. Cars can be intimidating while you are on a bike, but at traffic pace you will feel more comfortable.

Standstill Lifestlye ebike shot with male in front and female in back
Keep it casual: No need for special cycling clothes aboard an ebike.Benno Bikes

8. No need for special, tight clothing. You can ride 20 miles in jeans and sneakers on your way to your favorite spot.

9. Wear normal shoes or even your fancy ones. You don’t need to squeeze the most effort out of your pedal stroke by wearing clip-in shoes.

10. Have fun! Think back to when you were a kid and tap into those feelings on an ebike.

Get out and try an ebike—it’s a great way to see the world on two wheels.