Bulls Bikes Touts 150-Mile Range For New Trekking Ebike

Lacuba EVO Lite equipped with long-range 750Wh battery.

The diamond-frame version of Bulls’ Lacuba EVO Lite.
The diamond-frame version of Bulls’ Lacuba EVO Lite.Bulls Bikes

Bulls Bikes is stepping up its range game with its new trekking ebike, the Lacuba EVO Lite.

The brand is claiming a 150-mile “optimal range” thanks to its proprietary Supercore battery tech—a 750Wh integrated battery in this particular ebike’s case. The unit powers a 250W Brose Drive S Mag eMTB mid-drive motor with max torque of 90Nm. Pedal assist is available up to 20 mph, making the Lacuba EVO Lite a Class 1 ebike.

The quiet running of the Drive S Mag motor is enhanced by the selection of a Gates Carbon Belt Drive system over a traditional chain and derailleur system—no chain slap or clanking derailleur to worry about. Shifting duties are handled by a five-speed Shimano Nexus internal gear hub and shifter. An SR Suntour NCX-E LO Air suspension fork with 63 millimeters of travel smooths out bumps on commutes and extended adventures.

The ebike also comes in a step-thru version.
The ebike also comes in a step-thru version.Bulls Bikes

The Lacuba EVO Lite gets Brose’s new Topology display, a full-color, large-readout console providing information including range, trip distance, and total distance. The ebike also has Bluetooth compatibility, enabling riders to adjust power parameters from their smartphone using an optional dongle to pair with the Connect C app.

“The Lacuba lineage has been a long-standing favorite of the Bulls rider family. With each new version we have taken rider feedback to create an unrivaled riding experience,” said Adam Anderson, marketing and sales for Bulls Bikes USA. “We are very excited to introduce the Lacuba EVO Lite and its incredible array of features and technologies that take the Lacuba legacy to new heights.”

The wave version of the Lacuba EVO Lite offers generous stepover.
The wave version of the Lacuba EVO Lite offers generous stepover.Bulls Bikes

The Lacuba EVO Lite comes in three frame options: diamond, step-thru, and a super-low-stepover wave configuration. All three versions retail for $4,799.

Bikes are shipping now to Bulls Bikes dealers. Customers can also order online on the Bulls Bikes USA website for pickup at their nearest dealer.