New York Ebike & ESkate Festival Promotes Electric Spirit

Annual Brooklyn-based event is a mecca for electric mobility

Action shot of male BMX rider
The New York eBike and eSkate Festival (NYEF) will be held Saturday, September 14, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Velosolutions Pump Track in Brooklyn.Brandon Yu

In the shadows of a crowning metropolis, last year's New York EBike/ESkate Festival (NYEF) culminated in an amalgamation of electric mobility enthusiasts and industry stalwarts showcasing their shared passion for the culture and lifestyle in downtown Williamsburg.

Nestled tightly in the expansive Big Apple borough of Brooklyn, the Velosolutions Pump Track is a breeding ground for all things electric-powered. On the shores of the East River, festival host Filipacchi has found the prime location to pioneer its emerging electric-based festival, a show that's free to the public and celebrates those advocating the promotion of eBikes and eBoards.

Back again for the 2019 installment, this year’s NYEF will be held Saturday, September 14, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Pump Track. The day will be brimming with free demo rides, exciting giveaways/raffles, and a DJ, as well as complimentary food and drinks. Industry-leading eBike, eBoard, and eMotorcycle brands will be in attendance. The night will culminate at 7 p.m. when the New York City eBoarding Community takes off from the Pump Track on their annual night ride through the city.

This year Filipacchi has partnered with Cycle Volta, who will co-sponsor the event. Vendors include Super73, Unagi, ShredLights, Evolve, Boosted, Thousand Helmets, Mellow Board, Stacyc, Flatland, BajaBoard, Stealth, Kuberg, and more.

Filipacchi storefront
NYEF creator Filipacchi operates its store in Lower Manhattan and lines its shelves with a variety of motor apparel, including helmets, protective gear, jackets, and gloves.Filipacchi

"This is the second year Filipacchi will be hosting NYEF at Velosolutions Pump Track," said Chad Phillips, partner, Filipacchi. "Last year's festival had more than 1,200 attendees, and we held one of the largest eSkate night rides to take place in the country. This year we have joined forces with Cycle Volta to include even more eBike and eSkate vendors, as well as an expanded test ride area."

male riding an electric eboard
Among the various electric-based products showcased at NYEF are eBoards.Brandon Yu

NYEF is the vision of Filipacchi’s brain trust, who operate the Lower Manhattan retail mecca, which successfully slings a myriad of action sports items to enthusiasts. Filipacchi lines its shelves with a variety of motor apparel, including helmets, protective gear, jackets, and gloves. Ownership also offers test rides weekly on its eBikes, eBoards, and eMotorcycles, and customers can book a 15-minute demo session directly on Filipacchi’s website. Filipacchi carries all of the top brands in eMobile products, including eBikes, eBoards, eMotorcycles, motorized surfboards, and off-road shredders.

Crowd on NYC Street
The annual “after-hours” night ride through New York City at this year’s NYEF will start at 7 p.m.Brandon Yu

This summer Filipacchi has partnered with industry-leader Super73 for an in-store pop-up shop that is currently running until September 13. The flash retail shop offers consumers exclusive merchandise with their purchase of a Super73-S1 bike and is creating quite the buzz leading into the upcoming NYEF event.

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This year’s NYFE is located at Velosolutions Pump Track on 318 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, New York. All riders, enthusiasts, and electric junkies are welcomed.