New York Ebike And Eskate Festival Filled With Electric Enthusiasm

Thousands attend second-year event in Brooklyn co-sponsored by Cycle Volta.

Eskater Pump Track
The second annual New York Ebike and Eskate Festival was staged at the Velosolutions Pump Track in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.John W. Scafetta

When Carlos Figueroa rolled to a halt aboard the Stealth P-7 Commuter ebike in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, his smile stretched the length of the adjacent East River.

“The atmosphere here is amazing,” Figueroa said of the second annual New York Ebike and Eskate Festival (NYEF) on Saturday, September 14. “The fact that you see so many people on ebikes commuting all over the place, it’s just a great feeling. This is the wave of the future.”

Figueroa, who made the trek from Hartford County, Connecticut to New York City, joined nearly 2,000 enthusiastic electric mobility fanatics as they converged on Brooklyn's Velosolutions Pump Track. Amid gray skies and swirling winds, the all-day event, co-sponsored by Cycle Volta, offered eager enthusiasts the ability to display their shared passion for the culture and lifestyle of electric mobility.

Escooter in lane
A bike lane next to the event site gave fest-goers the opportunity to demo escooters and ebikes.John W. Scafetta

With the towering Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, Figueroa test-rode several models throughout the day and was quick to boast about the P-7’s desirable speed and suspension. The ebike was a popular choice among those demoing down the busy city street that envelops the pump track. With a top assisted speed of 20 mph and a range of 90 miles, the 500-watt, 64-pound bike is designed to turn a daily commute into an enjoyable practice—a notion that Figuerora said has been his experience since owning an ebike.

“Ebikes make commuting so much easier,” Figueroa said. “I ride my ebike to work instead of driving my car, so I don’t have to fill up my gas tank every week. I just plug it in at nighttime, don’t even think about it, and I’m good to go in the morning.”

In addition to the P-7, Stealth also showcased its B-52 and F-37 models. The B-52 is Stealth’s heavy hauler, with a top assisted speed of 50 mph and a nine-speed gearbox. The F-37 offers both power and agility in a lighter and more compact frame, possessing a top assisted speed of 38 mph and peak power of 3.7 kilowatts.

“New York City is a hub for commuters and bikers,” said Chuck Schram, Stealth Electric Bikes North America’s business development director. “Our goal here is to get consumers on bikes and allow them to experience all that Stealth has to offer.”

Custom Super 73
Custom bikes on display included this Super73 minibike-style electric.John W. Scafetta

Filipacchi had similar objectives. The mastermind behind NYEF, Filipacchi operates a Lower Manhattan retail store that offers a myriad of action sports items including ebikes, eboards, emotorcycles, motorized surfboards, and off-road shredders. Filipacchi partner Chad Phillips said the event was initially constructed to promote a growing electric-based community.

"I think the turnout may be double the number from last year," Phillips said. "Partnering with Cycle Volta brought even more attention to it. There's no event like this that takes place in New York City. To be able to host something for the entire electric community is an honor."

Alongside Stealth, an eclectic group of vendors from the ebike, eboard, and emotorcycle communities were on hand, including Kuberg, Super73, Unagi, StaCyc, ShredLights, Evolve, Boosted, Thousand Helmets, Mellow, Ruroc, Flatland, BajaBoard, and Zero.

Along with demoing its Freerider model, Kuberg showcased the Start, its diminutive yet powerful performance machine geared toward young riders. The electric bike offers enough power (top assisted speed of 15 mph) to enable 3- to 5-year-olds to get their feet wet on the trails.

Another big hit among attendees was Unagi, which showcased its sleek and lightweight zero-emissions scooter constructed from a carbon fiber tube and weighing in at 24 pounds. The scooter's dual motor offers riders quick acceleration and incline performance during their city commute.

CV Sponser Banner Shot
Cycle Volta co-sponsored the festival for the first time.John W. Scafetta

Attendees benefited from free admission and hourly raffle giveaways, and also enjoyed the Chrome Cookin’ food truck, Rise Brewing Co.’s coffee, and continuous music from DJ Transaction, DJ C-Diverse, and DJ Andrea Berrios.

Philips said the community can expect next year’s installment of the NYEF to be scheduled in September. This year’s event concluded with two separate group night rides—an eboard jaunt led by NYC Eboarding and an ebike ride powered by Super73—both of which culminated in the NYEF after-party.