Must-Own Items For Anyone With A Bicycle

Considering changing how you commute, an electric bike could be a great option.Bosch

Seasoned bicycle commuters and avid cyclists make sure to keep key supplies and bicycle-related items in the garage. After you buy a new bike, electric bike, or one for the daily commute, make sure to save some budget for a few items in the garage.

For The Tires

An affordable option with solid performance.Amazon

Bicycle tires lose air over time, so you will need to check your pressure and pump up your tires at least every week. Properly inflated tires last longer, ride better, and are more efficient, saving you energy and time. A simple floor pump is a must-have.

For The Chain

Lubricants for your bicycle keep it in tip-top shape.Amazon

Considering most bikes get power delivered via a chain, it's important to keep that chain in good working condition. Clean and lube your chain at least every month and more often in wet-weather months.

For Security

The sleeve protects your belongings from scuffs. Amazon

A must-have for anyone who owns a bike. It's easy for a thief to ride off with your new ride. If stolen, you most likely aren't going to get it back, so lock it up with a good, solid bike lock every time you park. Small cable locks are easy to cut, so something a bit bulky will lend greater security.

For A Fix

Useful and compact enough to carry in your bag.Amazon

Bicycles have many adjustable parts and use a unique set of tools. From a chain tool to a Torx, it’s good to have a bike-specific multi-tool around. You might even find yourself grabbing it for non-bike-related jobs.