10 Mini Electric Bikes That You Need To Ride

These small machines pack a lot of punch.

Electric bicycles, battery-powered mopeds, pedal-assist bikes—whatever you want to call them there’s a wave of new transportation options out there to choose from. Especially if you live in a place where you can get where you need to be on surface streets in the bike lane. We’ve sorted through the raft of options and found 10 examples of smaller machines that have the potential to make a big impact on your next commute.

Super73-S1: $2,200

Super73-S1 on white background.
The Super73-S1 exemplifies all that is great about electric minibikes.Jeff Allen
  • 48V 14.5 Ah removable battery
  • 500-watt rear hub motor
  • 3–4 hour charge time
  • 20-mph top speed (as tested)
  • 30–40 miles per charge

The Super73-S1 kicks off the list and exemplifies what’s great about this growing segment. It’s compact but still capable of doing the job for commuters of all different sizes, it’s affordable, the company will mail one to your home, and it looks cool. This particular model weighs only 70 pounds but can carry 275 pounds, and has three levels of pedal assist. It’s easy to operate and even has a little rack to carry along whatever goodies you need for a beach day.

Uni Moke on white background.

Uni Moke Classic Electric Bike: $3,250

The Uni Moke has a lot of style for such a small machine.Uni Moke
  • 48V 14.5 Ah battery
  • 500-watt rear hub motor
  • 3–4 hour charge time
  • 20-mph top speed in US (though unlimited speed available on request!)
  • 31–37 miles per charge

The Uni Moke Classic Electric Bike is cut from a similar aesthetic cloth as the Super73, but this German mini ups the game a bit with some premium features. Nine levels of pedal assist. An optional thumb throttle. A seven-speed Shimano gear setup and derailleur. Kenda all-terrain tires. Chrome-moly frame. Plus an LCD instrument panel with mileage, run time, pedal-assist level, and speed control information. This one doles out a dose of class while you’re zipping from one stop to the next on the weekend.

Ariel Rider D-Class Dual-Motored Scrambler Ebike: $1,999

Ariel Rider Scrambler on white background.
You get two hub motors on the Ariel Rider Scrambler.Ariel Rider
  • 48V 14.5 Ah battery
  • 2 x 750-watt Dapu hub motors
  • 4–6 hour charge time
  • 28-mph top speed
  • 20–40 miles per charge

Ariel Rider packs a lot into its D-Class Scrambler, including two 750-watt hub motors. You can switch from front-wheel to rear-wheel to dual-wheel drive with the push of a button. There’s also room for a passenger along with LED lighting, six levels of pedal assist, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and an LCD dash display with all the important information you need like speed, battery charge, and pedal-assist level indicator. There’s even a cup/bottle holder molded into the frame. It’s ready for just about anything.

Addmotor Motan M-60 L7: $1,799

Addmotor Motan M-60 L7 on white background.
The Addmotor Motan M-60 L7 is dripping with beach cruiser style.Addmotor/Amazon
  • 48V 11.6 Ah battery
  • 750-watt Bafang rear hub motor
  • 5–6 hour charge time
  • 25-mph top speed
  • Up to 45 miles per charge

For a more relaxed, chilled-out vibe the beach-cruiser styling of the Addmotor Motan M-60 L7 is a great choice. It's got decent range and a compelling price tag, plus some sweet touches like adjustable front suspension and a passenger backrest. In other areas it ranks in the same class as the other minis we've looked at, so you won't miss out on features like multi-level pedal assist, LCD instrument panel, aluminum frame, or big fat Kenda tires. You'll just have more money in your pocket to enjoy the destination.

Ruff Cycles Lil’Buddy: $3,103.85

Ruff Cycles Lil’Buddy beside water.
German engineering and craftsmanship can soon be yours in the Ruff Cycles Lil’Buddy.Ruff Cycles
  • 300 WH battery
  • Bosch Active Line 250-watt motor
  • 2.5 hour charge time
  • 20-mph top speed
  • 20–60 miles per charge

Ruff Cycles gets into the mini electric bike game with its upcoming Lil’Buddy (available starting July 2019). This one has a nice and tidy look, thanks to the steel tube frame and low-profile mid-mount motor. It’s also packing Shimano equipment, including Deore hydraulic brakes and an Altus seven-gear setup. The top range claim is probably a little too generous, but the claimed charge time is solid and its top speed on par with others in the class. It’s a little spendy too, but the plus side is that you’re getting a bike that’s passed through the hands of German engineers and fabricators.

RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike: $1,499

RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike on white background.
Big things come in small packages with the RadMini.Rad Power Bikes
  • 48V 14 Ah battery
  • 750-watt rear hub motor
  • 5–6 hour charge time
  • 20-mph top speed
  • 25–45 miles per charge

Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle-based company that has put everything but the kitchen sink into its RadMini Electric Folding Fat Bike. First of all, it’s foldable, making a compact commuter even more discreet if you can muscle the 67 total pounds into the office. It’s got a comparable motor and battery as the other more expensive options in the list, but also has adjustable front suspension, a backlit LCD display, front and rear lighting standard, and five pedal-assist levels. The only major drawback is the single seat, meaning you’ve got no option but to roll solo.

Juiced Bikes CityScrambler Electric Adventure Bike: $1,799

Juiced Bikes CityScrambler Electric Adventure Bike on white background.
The CityScrambler Electric Adventure Bike has lots of configuration options.Juiced Bikes
  • 52V 13 Ah battery
  • 750-watt rear hub motor
  • 6.5 hour charge time
  • 28-mph top speed
  • 30–70 miles per charge

The CityScrambler Electric Adventure Bike has a lot of options to choose from. There are different capacity batteries, off-road upgrade kits, and fast charging units, so range and charge time numbers will change dramatically depending on the configuration you choose. The basics are there though, including Shimano drivetrain kit, hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, front and rear lighting, LCD display, and Cadence pedal assist. What's great though is if you get an eight-amp fast charger ($319 extra), you reduce charge times to around two hours.

VeeGo Semi-Fat: $1,099

VeeGo Semi-Fat on white background.

VeeGo Semi-Fat: $1,099

Want a foldable, lightweight, super-casual mini electric? Get a VeeGo Semi-Fat.VeeGo
  • 36V 13 Ah battery
  • 400-watt rear hub motor
  • 4–6 hour charge time
  • 20-mph top speed
  • 20–40 miles per charge

The VeeGo Semi-Fat is a super-casual option that’s foldable and convenient. The single seat is kind of a bummer, but for the price you and a friend could afford to each have a ride of your own. This road cruiser comes with integrated lighting, Shimano drivetrain kit, five pedal-assist levels, and Tektro brakes, and it only weighs 53 pounds. Seat and bar height are adjustable too, and you get a rear rack that’s rated to carry up to 100 pounds. Not a bad way to get down to the beach on a weekend.

Bird Cruiser: Not for sale

Bird Cruiser on white background.
The Bird Cruiser isn’t currently for sale, but will be available in select cities as a means of temporary transport this summer.Bird
  • 52V battery
  • Motor, charge time, top speed, miles per charge not listed

If you’re not ready to put your hard-earned cash down for an electric minibike this summer before you’ve had a chance to ride one, track down a Bird Cruiser. The vehicle sharing company is releasing this minibike in select cities and will likely work a lot like the Bird Scooter that you’ve probably seen zipping around towns in recent years. Get the app, find an available unit, claim, and ride. Bird didn’t release much by way of specs when it announced the Cruiser, so there’s no comparison to be made on that front at the moment, but it’s a really cool way for people to dip their toes in the eBike water.

Yike Bike Model C: $7,995

Yike Bike Model C on white background.
The outlier, both in terms of price and design. Get a Yike Bike model C and you’ll definitely be noticed.Yike Bike
  • 36V battery
  • 200-watt motor
  • 1.5 hour charge time
  • 14.3-mph top speed
  • 12.4 miles per charge

"And now for something completely different." To round off the list, we choose the Yike Bike model C. This machine is expensive and wildly designed, but it's interesting. It's made from carbon fiber, is foldable, has regenerative ABS braking, comes with a storage bag and shoulder strap, and weighs only 25 pounds. It has a micro-sized micro commuter that goes to show that the mini eBike segment is wide open as far as design goes.