Aventon Pace 350 Ebike Review

An affordable, quality point of entry for the ebike-curious.

Founded as a fixie and track brand, Southern California’s Aventon Bikes branched into electrics in fall 2018 with its value-priced Pace 500 leisure ebike. With a top throttle- and pedal-assisted speed of 28 mph via a 500-watt rear hub motor, the Class 3 bike was introduced at a very competitive $1,399.

Pace 350 Lifestyle Lead
The Pace 350 is Aventon’s second ebike release—with more electrics in the brand’s product pipeline.Jeff Allen

A few months later, Aventon announced an even more aggressively priced model in the 350-watt Pace 350, at less than $1,000 (more on the Pace 350's current MSRP later in this review). We requested a Pace 350 for review, as the Class 2 ebike is legal on more bike paths around Cycle Volta's headquarters than the higher-speed Pace 500.

Pace 350 profile shot
The Pace 350 has five levels of throttle and pedal assist.Jeff Allen

What Is a Pace 350?

The Pace 350 is a Class 2 throttle- and pedal-assist leisure/cruising ebike, with the assist cutting out at 20 mph. That assist comes courtesy of a 350-watt brushless rear hub motor sourced from Shengyi Motor Co. in China. The motor is powered by a 416.7Wh lithium-ion battery (with Samsung cells) mounted on the hydroformed, double-butted aluminum frame’s downtube.

The left-hand controller’s up and down buttons determine the level of assist, and the thumb-actuated throttle sits directly beside it. Five levels of assist are available in throttle or pedal mode. Each level increases torque by about 20 percent.

Pace 350 controllers
The controller and throttle trigger are both on the left side of the handlebars.Jeff Allen

You must pedal first to engage the throttle—a safety feature to prevent accidental starts should the throttle trigger be pressed unintentionally. A “walk” mode for pushing the bike uphill can also be engaged by holding down the controller’s down button.

A generously sized LCD display with large readout mounted on the center of the handlebar makes it easy to check assist level, current speed, and battery level at a quick glance. You can also scroll through other data including the odometer, Trip A and Trip B distances, and ride time by pressing the controller’s M button below the arrow buttons.

The display includes a backlighting feature for viewing the screen in low light conditions—just hold down the controller’s up button to turn it on or off.

Pace 350 hub motor
The 350-watt hub motor comes from Shengyi Motor Co. in China, and the Shimano drivetrain provides seven speeds.Jeff Allen

Aventon’s stated range for the Pace 350 is 30 miles, though this varies with assist mode, rider weight, and type of terrain. The battery fully charges in about four hours.

The Pace 350 is spec'd with a balance of value, durability, and performance in mind, featuring a Shimano Tourney seven-speed derailleur, Shimano 14-28T cassette, KMC Z Series chain, stout 36-hole double-wall aluminum 27.5-inch rims laced to Joytech hubs, and 2.2-inch-wide Kenda Kwick 7 Sport ebike-rated tires.

Pace 350 brakes close up
Tektro mechanical disc brakes provide stopping power.Jeff Allen

The cable-actuated Tektro MD-M280 disc brakes don’t have the modulated lever feel of more expensive hydraulic brakes, like Aventon specs on the pricier and speedier Pace 500, but they offer plenty of stopping power for this application and are an effective way to hold down the Pace 350’s price for customers. Sensors in the brake levers cut off the motor assist when braking is applied.

Comfort features at the touch points include a swept-back aluminum handlebar to enhance the ebike’s upright riding position, ergonomic grips, and a cushy, 245-millimeter-wide comfort saddle.

Pace 350 cruise
Engaging the pedal assist on the Pace 350, rather than relying on the throttle, extends the ebike’s range well beyond the claimed 30 miles.Jeff Allen

How Does the Pace 350 Ride?

Out of the gate, I wanted to gauge the Pace 350’s range strictly using the throttle at its highest setting. On a flattish route, including a bike path with numerous underpasses, it went 22 miles over 650 feet of total elevation gain before running out of battery. On the brief climbs coming out of the underpasses, the throttle alone kept the Pace 350 moving at double-digit speeds before returning to full speed on flatter pavement.

On another ride, this time in a neighborhood with several steep climbs, the throttle alone was not enough to overcome several pitches. But using the pedal assist in the highest setting and shifting into a suitable gear (44 x 28T being the lowest) got the Pace 350 over the top with little strain.

Using pedal assist instead of just the throttle unlocks the Pace 350’s true range. Hitting a flat bike path route again, I left the assist in its second-highest setting and ignored the throttle. This allowed me to keep a pace around 15 mph with minimal effort. After 24 miles of pedaling, the display’s battery indicator had gone down just over a quarter of its scale.

The pedal assist takes a moment to engage from a dead stop, but acceleration is swift once it kicks in. On the downside, significant drag from the hub motor is immediately noticeable once the Pace 350 starts coasting.

The Shimano drivetrain shifts crisply, the ergonomic grips provide a comfortable perch with no hand pain or numbness, and the balloon-style Kenda 27.5 x 2.2 tires deliver a stable and smooth ride. Smart, value-driven spec all around.

Pace 350 in front of tree shot
The Pace 350 is available consumer direct on the Aventon website or through select bike shops, at an MSRP of $1,099.99.Jeff Allen

How Much Does the Pace 350 Cost?

The Pace 350 had an MSRP of $999 when it was initially released last spring, but the Trump administration’s tariffs on Chinese-made goods have prompted a price increase to $1,099.99. A step-through version is available at the same price. Even with the price increase, the Pace 350 is a superb value given its level of performance at such a low price point.

Customers can buy direct on Aventon's website or through Aventon's network of about 35 North American "Elite" dealers—shops that have ordered 10 or more of the brand's ebikes. (Aventon has 200 North American dealers overall, but many do not stock its ebikes. Check with your nearest dealer for availability.)

Those buying direct from Aventon will receive their bike partially assembled—with the headset, fork, bottom bracket, and crankset installed—and can view an assembly video on Aventon's YouTube channel to complete the build.