5 Hitch Racks To Carry Your Ebikes

Car racks that stand up to ebikes’ added weight.

Küat Bike Hitch
Be sure the rack you buy can handle the extra weight of ebikes.Küat

With their extra weight over traditional bicycles, ebikes can put some serious hurt on a standard hitch bike rack. When buying a rack for your ebike(s), be sure it can accommodate that extra load. Here, we highlight five hitch tray racks rated to carry two bikes up to 60 pounds or more each—enough to handle all but the heftiest of electrics on the market.

Swagman Current

Swagman Current
The Swagman Current weighs just 47.5 pounds, making it easy to install and remove.Swagman

Swagman’s new Current tray rack is capable of carrying two 60-pound ebikes on its 1-1/4-inch hitch interface. That’s thanks to Swagman’s redesigned, stronger cam lever that increases load capacity from the previous maximum of 45 pounds per bike. The cam lever allows the rack to tilt away from the vehicle, even with the bikes mounted on the rack, and then be folded up against the rear of the vehicle while not in use.

The Current secures bikes by the frame’s toptube using adjustable hooks that fit most frames, and it comes equipped with fat-tire-capable wheel trays (tires up to 5 inches wide) while still fitting road bikes securely. The trays can accommodate wheel and tire sizes from 20 inches to 29-plus.

The rack also comes with locking hooks for additional security and a threaded locking hitch pin that secures the rack to the vehicle and minimizes wobble while driving. Rack weight is 47.5 pounds.

MSRP: $389 More information: swagman.net

Küat NV 2.0

Küat angle folded down
Küat’s NV 2.0 comes in versions for 1-1/4- and 2-inch hitch receivers.Küat

The NV 2.0 builds on the innovative design of the orginal Küat NV platform rack, which became well-known not only for its striking copper accents and overall good looks, but for the integration of Küat’s Trail-Doc repair stand into the rack.

Available in a metallic gray with orange anodized accents or metallic black with gray anodized accents, the NV 2.0 accommodates two bikes up to 60 pounds each in both 1-1/4- and 2-inch hitch options. The 2-inch version can also accept the NV 2.0 Add-on rack (MSRP: $489) to carry a total of four bikes. Ratcheting arms secure bikes to the trays by the front wheel, and security is enhanced by a fully integrated cable lock.

The NV 2.0 accommodates wheel sizes from 20 to 29 inches, but 20- and 24-inch wheels require the use of front-wheel adapters available on Küat’s website for $10.99 each. An aftermarket rear wheel strap to fit fat bike tires up to 4.8 inches wide retails for $10 per tray. Rack weight is 52 pounds.

Tired of hoisting your heavy ebike onto the rack? Küat also offers a ramp for $89 so you can wheel your beast onto the trays of the NV 2.0.

MSRP: $689 More information: KuatRacks.com

Thule EasyFold XT 2

Large Thule Easy Fold
The EasyFold XT 2 can carry two bikes up to 65 pounds each.Thule

Thule’s compact EasyFold XT 2 rack has the highest load capacity of the racks shown here, accommodating two bikes of 65 pounds each. It can handle bike wheelbases up to 48 inches, and an integrated folding ramp can be pulled out of the rack to wheel bikes onto the trays.

Bikes are secured to the EasyFold by a pair of clamps that grip the frame. To prevent overtightening and damaging frame tubes, the clamps are tightened with lockable Thule AcuTight torque limiter knobs that ratchet after achieving optimal torque. Wheel straps for both wheels enhance bike stability on the rack. Thule also sells an XXL wheel strap kit for bikes with tires up to 4.7 inches wide.

To access the back of the vehicle while bikes are loaded, a foot pedal at the back of the rack tilts the EasyFold down and out of the way.

Rack weight is 45 pounds, the lightest of the racks highlighted here.

MSRP: $749.95 More information: Thule.com

RockyMounts BackStage

RM BackStage
The BackStage folds up compactly against the vehicle.RockyMounts
RM BackStage outhatchopen
The rack swings out 180 degrees to provide full rear vehicle access.RockyMounts

The BackStage is unique among hitch tray racks in that it swings out 180 degrees to give full access to the rear of your truck, SUV, or camper even when bikes are loaded. The two-bike rack can also be tilted down 30 degrees to access the rear of the vehicle in tight confines where the swing-away feature cannot be used. The rack can carry two bikes up to 60 pounds each, and accommodates bicycle wheelbases from 34 to 49 inches long.

The BackStage secures bikes by the front wheel, so there is no contact with the bike frame. The trays are compatible with wheel sizes from 20 to 29 inches, and they fit tires ranging from road skinnies to 5-inch-wide fat bike tires. The rack comes with a locking hitch pin and cable lock that use the same key.

Vehicles approved only for 1-1/4-inch hitch receivers can’t use the BackStage, which is available exclusively for 2-inch hitches. And while the BackStage is designed with RockyMounts’ Monorail tray design, it does not accept the Monorail add-on to accommodate additional bikes. Rack weight is 59 pounds.

MSRP: $649.95 More information: RockyMounts.com

INNO Advanced Car Racks INH120

INNO Advanced Car Racks
The INH120 secures bikes by both wheels.INNO Advanced Car Racks

The INH120 fits both 1-1/4- and 2-inch hitch receivers and can carry two bikes up to 60 pounds each. Two arms on each tray secure the front and rear wheels, with no frame contact. The arms have adjustable tire holds that accept wheel sizes from 20 to 29 inches and tires up to 3 inches wide. The trays accept bike wheelbases from 34 to 48 inches.

The rack trays tilt down in four different positions via a one-touch handle at the rear of the rack to access the back of the vehicle, and cable lock, key, and locking knob are included. Rack weight is 64 pounds, the heaviest of the five racks—something to keep in mind if you plan to remove and reinstall the rack often.

MSRP: $549 More information: usa.innoracks.com