3 Things to Look for in a Bike Lock

Secure your ride with these tips.

For the next time you consider buying a secure lock for your bicycle or ebike.Unsplash

Riding around town on an ebike offers many great luxuries. You can get to your office, to the gym, to a friend’s, or to the store while breathing fresh air and feeling the sun on your skin. For many trips, a good lock is essential to keep your bike secured while you are enjoying a meal or finishing up at work.


Titanker Bike Lock Cable.Amazon

A coiled combination lock is an easy way to keep your ebike parked safe outside. Look for one that mounts onto the seatpost of the bike, so that you never forget it. The benefit of a combination is you do not need to worry about misplacing any keys!

Secure Both Wheels

Bike U Lock with Cable.Amazon

Sometimes you may want some extra security, and to lock up both of your wheels. Look for a dual-action lock combining a U-lock with a cable. You can secure the frame and rear wheel with the U-lock, then lace the cable through the front wheel.

Peace of Mind

Titanker Bike Chain Lock.Amazon

Sometimes the most burly option is the best. While a chain lock may be more difficult to carry, they are nearly impossible to cut through. You’ll have total peace of mind locking your ebike for longer periods of time or in more high-traffic areas. Look for a lock that has a fabric covering around the chain; this will protect the paint on your ebike.