3 Things to Help You Ride Your Ebike in the Cool Weather

Gear to keep riding as the seasons turn.

With summer coming to an end in a few short weeks, stock up on essential gear to keep on riding your ebike through the fall, and maybe even the winter.

As August turns to September, we start to see the leaves fall off the trees, the temperatures begin to drop, and the sun sets earlier in the day. Summer is ending. But the end of summer is no reason to put your ebike away for the next nine months until it gets warm. By riding with a good pair of gloves, a reflective jacket, and USB-rechargeable lights, you can be warm enough to ride not only through the fall but also the winter, depending on where you live. In addition to keeping you warm, these accessories will keep you visible and safe on any bike ride—whether commuting or for fun.

Ozero Men's Touchscreen Gloves

Choose a pair of gloves that will not only keep your hands warm, but can still let you control your smartphone.Amazon

The extremities on our bodies, notably our hands and feet, are the first things to get cold when we are outside. Look for a pair of gloves that can handle any situation. Some gloves are lined with fleece on the inside and have a windproof and water-resistant coating on the outside. Another feature to consider is touchscreen-sensitive fingers. That way you can stop to text or call without removing your gloves.

Baleaf Sports Track Jacket

Wear a fluorescent jacket to stay warm and visible.Amazon

One of the biggest changes from summer to fall is the need to wear a jacket while on your bike or ebike. Look for a jacket that will keep you warm and visible. Many are available in bright reflective colors so that you stand out to other ebikers, cars and pedestrians. Other features to pay attention to are windproofing and water resistance. Stay dryer and warmer in a jacket that can handle the cold, wind, and a bit of rain.

Light and Motion Urban 500 Headlight

Bright lights keep you riding even when the sun is down.Amazon

A front and rear light are crucial items for riding on your ebike in the fall. You will be more visible, and be able to see any obstacles in front of you. There are a few features you should look for in lights for your bike. Lights that charge through USB mean you don’t need to hassle with batteries. Also look for lights that have different modes including steady beams and blink patterns.