3 Easy Ways to Light Up Your Bike Commute

Features to look for in a new bike light.

We look at the convenience and safety features that make a great light for bike commuting in the dark.Shutterstock

While the summer days may be waning, you can continue commuting on your ebike in ease with the simple addition of front and rear lights.

As summer comes to an end, the days begin to get shorter. You may be leaving for work before the sun rises, or leaving work once the sun has already set. Front and rear lights are essential accessories for any bike rider, whether you commute or just ride for fun. Not only will you be more visible on the road, but any obstacles or bumps in the road will be easier for you to spot, ensuring a fun and safe journey wherever you are going. Three factors to consider when choosing lights include recharging via USB, easily mounting and removing the lights, and flashing modes on the lights.


Easily charge your lights via USB cable to always have battery.Amazon

If you are riding long distances every day, lights that charge easily via USB cable might be favorable. A rechargeable battery is much simpler than dealing with odd sizes of batteries. Look for lights that have easy-access ports so that you can charge the lights even while they are on the bike.

Handlebar Mountable

Lights with quick-release mounts can easily be installed and taken off the bikeAmazon

If you are always on the go and locking your bike up different places, you may not want to leave your lights attached to your bike. Look for lights that have quick-release mounts. The application is simple: Use the mechanism to attach your front light to the handlebar and your rear light to the seatpost. The lights can then slide on and off of these mounts, which stay in place as you hold on to your lights for safekeeping.

Adjusts for Your Ride Needs

Choose between a steady beam or a blinking pattern.Amazon

Different kinds of riding call for different uses of lights. Riding on a dark pathway, you may want a steady beam to illuminate your way. However, if you are riding home through the city, a light that blinks either quickly or slowly can be helpful in keeping you illuminated. Look for lights that have different modes to choose from, from strong and soft beams to different blinking patterns. Pressing the power button should quickly help you move between the different modes for all of your visibility needs.