3 Things to Look for in a Helmet

Protect your head with a good-fitting helmet.

A brightly colored helmet improves visibility on the road.Unsplash

Choosing to wear a helmet is a great decision on your ebike—for safety, comfort, and style. While riding an ebike can increase the risk of head trauma, riding safely and wearing a helmet can alleviate much of this worry. The days of bulky, uncomfortable helmets have long since gone. Now you can find helmets in any color to match any helmet, and in many styles.

So if you are on your ebike for leisure or for commuting, you can find one to match your mood. In addition to style, you should also consider safety features and fit when choosing a helmet. These days, some companies have added extra protection within helmets, and others have more complex ways to ensure a perfect fit.

Extra Protection With MIPS

Choose extra safety with MIPS.Amazon

MIPS initiated a radical change in helmet safety when it was released a few years ago. The technology adds a secondary level of protection in addition to the shock-absorbent foam that all helmets are built with. Dubbed "multi-directional impact protection system," MIPS lessens the effects of rotational forces in the case of an incident. Look for a MIPS-equipped helmet in a bright color for even greater safety.

Extra Comfort in a Lightweight Package

Stay comfortable with many adjustment points.Amazon

Just like any piece of clothing or accessory, a helmet must be comfortable. The most comfortable helmets have soft padding on the inside, and multiple buckles on the straps and on the back to adjust perfectly to your head. Look for straps that wrap around your ears, with a mechanism to fit the straps around your jaw, as well as a buckle to adjust at the chin.

Urban Style

Opt for a stylish helmet to look fashionable on the go.Amazon

You may be riding your ebike to work or to meet friends while wearing some of your most stylish clothing. While riding in the city, you can look your best and match your clothing with a stylish helmet. Look for a helmet that comes in chic colors: Gray, white, gold, and black will complement your urban attire well. You can also look for anti-theft features—some city helmets have space for a lock to pass through so that it can remain secure while your ebike is locked up.